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I should be writing but I am avoiding it. I've just gotten to the porn and, as often happens to me, I'm just not in the right headspace.

I've been backreading my dwircle and want to say: I LOVE YOU GUYS. You're so delightful and thoughtful and also fun and funny and perfect.

There's a lot of politics on my dwircle which is great, but also things I don't have the emotional energy to comment on, so if you're someone posting about that stuff, THANK YOU and I appreciate what you're saying and linking but I probably won't comment.

Life update: We've moved to Milwaukee. We're in a tiny (but cute) apartment with really great light and the ability to walk to literally everything we could need. The vet would be a bit of a hike, but we could get there on foot if we needed to. We're looking for houses nearby, because I expect to get promoted this year and get a huge bonus and raise that will pretty much wipe out our debt and allow us to put together a downpayment in record time.

Cat update: Jeeves went to the vet yesterday. We need to do a blood sugar curve on him this weekend, but we think that 3 units of insulin twice a day is the new normal. He stopped peeing on us on purpose, but he's still peeing on things, so... probably going to keep the cats out of the bedroom, which is both frustratingly hard and sad-making.

Writing update: I made my goal of 250,000 words in May, and it's a good thing because July came and work just knocked me off my feet (and is still doing so, and probably won't end until next year). I'll probably make 400,000 for the year even so, which is great, but I'm not able to write consistently in the mornings, which is frustrating. I also hit 1 million posted words a little while ago, and that was very satisfying. I've also managed to keep up a serial for the better part of the year (it's stuck on the porn) and that ends somewhere around Christmas, so I'm looking forward to diving into other projects next year.

I think that's all that's fit to print. I've not been doing much social media-wise (not even spending time on Twitter or tumblr - it's just been lack of time everywhere), so I'm not ignoring Dreamwidth, I'm ignoring everybody. I'm just now dipping a toe back in, so we'll see how that goes. Hi hi hi!
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My cat (my favorite, don't tell the rest) just came into our bedroom and pissed all over our comforter and sheets.

A) I came home not 5 minutes before this. (After a super-shitty week at work culminating in a particularly super-shitty day today.)
B) This is actually the second time he's done it, the last time, he did it while my wife and I were in the bed. He pissed ON US. We weren't really sure what to make of that; he'd been sick and we'd been playing with his insulin to get him back on track with his blood sugars.

I can't tell if he's still sick and letting us know, or if he's pissed at me specifically. I've been stressed from work, so not particularly lovey or anything, but not like, awful? I'm still petting the cats and they sleep with us, and hang out with me on the couch.

You know, I just didn't need this today.
So, y'all remember when I asked my wife on our first date in my journal ten years ago?

This is me asking again. Hey, [personal profile] soleta, will you go to Cirque du Soleil with me for your birthday?

Meme from 2011

3/4/16 09:43 pm
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Going back through my stuff for a thing, and saw this:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

And it was cool to look at the list of 20-something stories and realize only one or two are still on it! I've posted most of them and thrown a couple away.

So here's my 2016 list:

Cut for length. )

Aaaaaaaand just so I don't show up and put up nothing than a meme, a heartwarming story:

Last Sunday my wife said "Let's go to Melting Pot!" She had a craving. Okay, so we went. Because fondue! And when we got there, the waiter asked us if there was a special occasion and we were like, "nope, just wanted to come out."

And he proceeded to be the worst waiter in the history of waiters.

But then, something came up about the Oscars. Which I totally missed this year (which is the first year in like, two DECADES that I missed them). And then we realized... our first date was the Oscars. We used to use the Oscars as our anniversary. And then I realized our first date was in 2006. We were out for 10 year anniversary. ON ACCIDENT. Heh. :D :D :D
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Sorry I disappeared like that. Things have been nuts over here.

So first, kitties! Fatty is much better. Pretty much all the issues he had are gone, he's eating regularly and chasing Weebl and going in the litter box and everything is working like planned.

Jeeves is... well. Diabetic. We're giving him 4 units of insulin per day, which is just crazy. But, he's also pretty much back to normal, so the kitty household feels back on an even keel. THANK THE GODS.

I, on the other hand, have had a huge work shake-up that... is good? Really good, I think, but still makes me nervous. I'm gonna blather about it under here for a while - I think this is cut for length but you never know. )

And that's all the news that's fit to print. What's up with you guys? *goes to check the dwircle*

Good news!

10/15/15 08:36 am
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Fatty is now eating and drinking on his own! \o/ Still force feeding for a while, probably, but shouldn't be long.

Jeeves is another matter. )

Other than that, things are okay. Thank you all so much for your good thoughts, it means an incredible amount to me, you don't even know. <333
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We got the tests back from the vet (where he was overnight, so they could force feed him instead of us) and it turns out Fatty was fighting off an infection, that's what started all this. We're continuing on with the same regimen, but they've given him an antibiotic, so we should see marked improvement soon, and hopefully he'll be right as rain before too long.

Thanks for all your good thoughts and advice, all much appreciated! <3<3<3

Fucking hell.

7/13/15 11:30 pm
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Lots of big news around here.

+ I am done in Philly! THANK THE LORD.
- Chicago is a complete and utter lie. I am not doing what they said I'd be doing, and in fact, it is not fun work at all and this is going to be a long and shitty six weeks. WHOOPEE.
- Jeeves is doing that circling thing again.
-- When we took Jeeves to the vet, they found out he was diabetic (new since the last time this happened) and won't give us steroids to fix his circling. We got insulin and a neuro consult. WHOOPEE.
-------------- WTAF, scary non-ghost story under here. )

That's all the news that's fit to print, hope my non-ghost story was fun for a laugh, and hiiiiiiii. Life sucks right now, sorry. :(

ETA: Actually - no it's not. There's less than a week to sign up for gishwhes. We're team velociraptor, and we are most definitely not being competitive about this thing, we're in it for the kicks and to get our feet wet. Next year, we'll be playing to win (ha, maybe) but this year, we're just in it to have a good time. So come join us? It's $18.87 to register, but it's supposed to be amazing and lifechanging, and whatever whatever. So.... join? We have six slots left. :D
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So we bought a new TV today. A 60" Samsung something or other. The resolution is gorgeous. We're watching How To Train Your Dragon to break it in. It's GORGEOUS. Big Hero 6 is up next.

It was just a warm-up, though, because we're buying a new car tomorrow. Pretty much settled on what we (and by we I mean *I*) want, but instead of trading in the car, my sister wants it. It's really died, it needs over $2k of work, and I don't want to give her a car that's unsafe, because I know she can't afford to fix it and I don't want her driving it unless it gets fixed.


I'm gonna take it to a shop tomorrow, see if they can give me an estimate on fixing it, and then figure out how to get to the dealer - who is half an hour north of here. At worst I can take a taxi, but that'd be pretty spendy. Arg.


2/27/06 12:30 am
I want to ask someone out. Someone I won't see in person any time soon to be able to ask. I... um. I don't have her email. Asking someone out in a comment seems lame. Advice?

I've never actually, with intent, asked someone out on a date. I'm nervous.

In conclusion, my cat is making wheezy-sneezy noises.


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