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Change a Life: Aya, Khouloud, Reem and Khawla

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 4.8 million people have fled Syria since the civil war began in 2011. Over 6 million others are internally displaced within Syria in numerous official and unofficial camps. Many of these families live in unsanitary, unsafe, inhumane conditions; where they survive on meager rations and have access to almost no health care. The stories of what is happening right now are tragic: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/06/27/syrias-war-on-doctors

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Okay, I'm at work, and technically in the middle of a work sprint (in which I have so far gotten Starbucks and lunch and looked at [community profile] fandom_stocking) but THESE THINGS NEED TO BE SAID.

1. TEAM VELOCIRAPTOR GOT INTO THE GISHWHES BOOK - TWICE! :D :D :D I will post pics eventually, but I am SO EXCITE! Especially cause there's a picture of my mom in one of the entries. :)

2. [community profile] fandom_stocking is live! Submit your stocking here. Fandom stocking is one of my great, fannish, winter loves. It's brilliant. I'll be writing my stocking tonight and then starting to look for stockings I can fill.

3. SPN midseason finale tonight. I have a bad feeling my Sam feels will be engaged to the nth degree.

4. Work is... interesting. More on that later, maybe.

5. ??? What's up with you, dwircle?
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I blocked the post on tumblr so I can't find it again, but it's been nagging at me since I read it (god, how I wish I hadn't). It was (I think) a professional editor bitching about book beginnings. It was a list of 13 things NOT to do at the beginning of the book, and at the end, I was like... "then how the fuck DO you start a book, exactly?!"

I just HATE shit like that, it's so negative, and of course most of us have, at one point or another, done everything on a list like that, and it's just so fucking discouraging. How about giving examples of what to do instead? I'd hate that too, but at least it wouldn't fucking feel so hopeless.

And I am really good at beginnings! I never have trouble starting a new story. I can't imagine what it would be like for writers who have trouble with that sort of thing reading that article.

Fuck writing advice, folks, that's what I say. Read/listen to it, maybe try it for yourself, but if it doesn't work? DON'T TIE YOURSELF IN KNOTS TRYING TO WRITE LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE.

God, I hate writing advice, SO MUCH.

Also, doing gishwhes. It's crazy fun. :D

Hi, dwircle, hi hi hi. :)

Fucking hell.

7/13/15 11:30 pm
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Lots of big news around here.

+ I am done in Philly! THANK THE LORD.
- Chicago is a complete and utter lie. I am not doing what they said I'd be doing, and in fact, it is not fun work at all and this is going to be a long and shitty six weeks. WHOOPEE.
- Jeeves is doing that circling thing again.
-- When we took Jeeves to the vet, they found out he was diabetic (new since the last time this happened) and won't give us steroids to fix his circling. We got insulin and a neuro consult. WHOOPEE.
-------------- WTAF, scary non-ghost story under here. )

That's all the news that's fit to print, hope my non-ghost story was fun for a laugh, and hiiiiiiii. Life sucks right now, sorry. :(

ETA: Actually - no it's not. There's less than a week to sign up for gishwhes. We're team velociraptor, and we are most definitely not being competitive about this thing, we're in it for the kicks and to get our feet wet. Next year, we'll be playing to win (ha, maybe) but this year, we're just in it to have a good time. So come join us? It's $18.87 to register, but it's supposed to be amazing and lifechanging, and whatever whatever. So.... join? We have six slots left. :D
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.gifwhes - round 10!

we are in double digits!! celebrate with 10 pizza!
Item 10. IMAGE or GIF. Create a piñata shaped like Dinomite, Wooster, Fograt, or Elopus. Fill it with kindness.

remember to read the rules. they will show you how to be an abnosome gisher. submit your item by posting it on this website (www.tumblr.com) with the hashtags #gifwhes #gishwhes and #item 10

deadline is thursday 5/21 @ 2:30 pm PT ok??

good luck and text someone u love an emoji of a cat or dog!! it won’t make u win gifwhes but it will be a nicefun thing 2 do.

Anybody? I'm not home for two weeks.


5/4/15 10:57 pm
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Thank you for all your comments about spoiler etiquette. I admit, I don't expect anything over on tumblr - I'm going to swear off it for months at a time next season, I think. But yeah, I was talking about Dreamwidth. A lot of uncut reaction posts as I was scrolling back my flist. All good now, I've seen it, so no more spoilers for me.

gifwhes 8 is up! And times like this, I wish I asked my sister, because she loves making dioramas etc.

Item 8. IMAGE or GIF. An artistic representation of the famed Elopus incident, in diorama form.

READ THE RULES AND DON’T CROSS THE STREET WITHOUT LOOKING BOTH WAYS. ok?? submit by tagging #gifwhes and #gishwhes and #item 8.

the deadline is going to be thursday 5/7 at 5pm PT!!!

And! [community profile] ante_up_losers is doing a big bang again! We're looking a little light on teams, so if this is something you might be interested in, maybe poke your head around the party post? We could use help with a banner for the 2015 big bang, too, and maybe a kick in the advertising over on tumblr?
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Instead! How about this, anyone who signed up or might want to now sign up to be on TEAM VELOCIRAPTOR in gishwhes: THERE ARE WARM UP CHALLENGES.

And the current one is: Make a cupcake that looks (and behaves) like Misha Collins..

It's due Wednesday, and I have no way to cook or decorate a cupcake, but I thought I'd mention it. :)

ETA: IDEA: Have the Misha cupcake do a "Cooking Fast and Fresh with West" with a mini-cupcake... (and then get eaten at the end?)...
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So... I am registering for gishwhes (greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen), brainchild of Misha Collins.

Next year, I plan to take a week of vacation and do it with my sisters and other folks TBN. This year, I just want to get my feet wet and not have any pressure to be all MUST WIN OMG (I expect next year to be like that). So, anyone want to join me? [personal profile] curiouscorvid? [personal profile] clavally? I figure we just do what we can do, enjoy ourselves and have fun, and thank our lucky stars for Misha. Anyone else interested? I figure we can come up with a team later.

It does cost - there are multiple levels of registration fees (I love how they are completely random):

$18.89 - Basic GISHWHES Registration
$47.77 - Secret Holiday Card
$98.21 - GISHWHES Flag-Cape "Flape"
$249.69 - “MISHA NOTIFIER” and “GISHWHES Survival Kit”

If you do sign up, and are willing, please use my email as a referral (it's my work email because it's associated with real life money etc, so I'll need to give it to you - lemme know and I'll PM you with it).

And then lemme know who you are, so we can get together!

And of course I left this until the last minute, but: if you sign up before April 1, you get 108 gishpoints. Not being an alum, I have no idea if that means anything or not, but what the hell. I figured it's probably best to leap before I look in the case of anything to do with Misha Collins.

ETA: Ah shit, have to have a team name RIGHT NOW, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh shit. HELP.

ETA2: Thanks to my wife, we are now team VELOCIRAPTOR. COME JOIN US, WE HAVE cookies TALONS!


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