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Instead! How about this, anyone who signed up or might want to now sign up to be on TEAM VELOCIRAPTOR in gishwhes: THERE ARE WARM UP CHALLENGES.

And the current one is: Make a cupcake that looks (and behaves) like Misha Collins..

It's due Wednesday, and I have no way to cook or decorate a cupcake, but I thought I'd mention it. :)

ETA: IDEA: Have the Misha cupcake do a "Cooking Fast and Fresh with West" with a mini-cupcake... (and then get eaten at the end?)...
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[community profile] intoabar is live! :D :D :D :D I love this challenge SO MUCH!!!! Everyone should play! Simple breakdown: you pick a character to walk into a bar pub establishment PLACE (yes, "bar" is very loosely interpreted), and then you pick up to 4 fandoms that you could also write, and [personal profile] sabinetzin does some dice-rolling magic, and picks the character that your character meets in the PLACE! You make some kind of fanwork, and oh MAN - the list is so big now! Look at this!

- a story of at least 500 words
- a complete piece of art of a reasonable size (manips and graphics yes, banners and icon sets no)
- a vid of at least forty-five seconds
- a podfic, the text/script of which must be written specifically for this challenge, five minutes long OR five hundred words
- a comic that is at least one page and/or six panels
- any combination of these things
- something else you get mod approval for (MACARONI CASTLE. I'M JUST SAYING.)

Oh, you guys, this is SO MUCH FUN. Don't you want to come play? I've signed up already (and done this three times before: Spencer Reid walks into a bar and meets Hardison!, Jake Jensen walks into a Harry Potter premiere and meets Duff from Ace of Cakes!, and Charlie Bradbury walks into a Voice audition and meets CeeLo Green!) and won't you come join me?
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So I got about 90% of his panel on video. I'll upload it, but with the shitty wifi here in the hotel, it'll likely take me all night, or maybe until later in the week. If worse comes to worst, I'll upload it when I get home on Thursday.

My two Misha stories )

(WTF am I supposed to do with this now? I have a tampon Misha threw at me. I can't just throw it away. But it's a tampon. WTF. I AM SO LOST.)
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Random adulting for the day: looking at my 401k portfolio (completely random chance, deleting old email and found my benefits dashboard link, a few clicks and voila), I thought maybe I should look at the diversification, blah blah, went through the tools they had, considered retirement age for me and my wife, blah blah, and when it came up with my recommendation? IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I'D ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR.

I feel a little ridiculously proud of this fact.

Also: Cut for brief mention of death and perceptions of aging relating to work and self-worth. )


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