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Random adulting for the day: looking at my 401k portfolio (completely random chance, deleting old email and found my benefits dashboard link, a few clicks and voila), I thought maybe I should look at the diversification, blah blah, went through the tools they had, considered retirement age for me and my wife, blah blah, and when it came up with my recommendation? IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I'D ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR.

I feel a little ridiculously proud of this fact.

Also: Realizing that I'll probably live another 40 years after I retire, ROUGHLY MY ENTIRE LIFESPAN TO DATE, really hit me in the face today. I'd never considered it before. Prior to this (this comes from my dad, and for good reason, I think), I had basically considered life: baby, teenager, college, working, retire from work, death soon after. There has been a pretty big perception shift away from this in the last, oh, ten or maybe twenty years, but my dad was old school, and he liked working and really got his joy out of that and never quite figured out HOW to be retired. Figuring out retirement is now on my "things to think about" list (not today, probably not even this decade, but definitely before I actually retire (I have a feeling it will contain a lot of schedules and lists, and possibly a no-brainer, no-stress part-time job)).
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