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So we bought a new TV today. A 60" Samsung something or other. The resolution is gorgeous. We're watching How To Train Your Dragon to break it in. It's GORGEOUS. Big Hero 6 is up next.

It was just a warm-up, though, because we're buying a new car tomorrow. Pretty much settled on what we (and by we I mean *I*) want, but instead of trading in the car, my sister wants it. It's really died, it needs over $2k of work, and I don't want to give her a car that's unsafe, because I know she can't afford to fix it and I don't want her driving it unless it gets fixed.


I'm gonna take it to a shop tomorrow, see if they can give me an estimate on fixing it, and then figure out how to get to the dealer - who is half an hour north of here. At worst I can take a taxi, but that'd be pretty spendy. Arg.
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Random adulting for the day: looking at my 401k portfolio (completely random chance, deleting old email and found my benefits dashboard link, a few clicks and voila), I thought maybe I should look at the diversification, blah blah, went through the tools they had, considered retirement age for me and my wife, blah blah, and when it came up with my recommendation? IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I'D ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR.

I feel a little ridiculously proud of this fact.

Also: Cut for brief mention of death and perceptions of aging relating to work and self-worth. )


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