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Note from 2012: I've never done one of these before. I'm not a huge reflection type person, normally, but as I get older I find I would like to have this record for... I dunno. Myself, people who might be interested, my family. Whatever.

Note from 2013: I'm not fond of a lot of this meme. I'm terrible at reflection so I'm not sure I'll actually switch out a lot of these questions, but hopefully I will, a few at a time, until I come up with a better set for the yearly review.

Note from 2014: I almost didn't do this one this year, I really hate it. If anyone has suggestions for a better one, link in the comments?

Note from 2015: Here we go again. Still hate some of the questions, not much changes from year to year in a fair number of these categories.

Cut, maybe for length, if I get talkative, or think of better questions. )


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