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I have been busy busy busy at work, and not in a place to want to post about most of it (I've become more and more unwilling to talk about it here; not sure why that is, but also short of instrospective time, so I may never figure it out). That said, here's a taste of what my work life is like at the moment:

This morning, I woke up from a work stress dream because yesterday I decided to ACTUALLY do PTO instead of doing the stuff I needed to do for an email I got as I was coming back from the office (yes, on a PTO day...). That was 6:30am. So I got up, did the work that I needed to do, and in the middle of it, the PI emailed to say "Oh, yeah, we're never going to make that Thursday deadline, so let's just push it out a couple of weeks." At 7am. So that was both super-annoying (because if I had let my procrastination superpowers do their work, I could've just woken up to a nice "whew, don't have to worry about that" instead of getting up at 6:30am and doing crappy work), and also super-annoying (because I TOLD her that next week was an impossible deadline with two subawards, but she didn't believe me). But anyway, I finished my two things for her, the one thing for another PI that her email had reminded me of, revised her budget because changing the deadline changes the start date which changes the inflation, and then decided to do a travel thing because I forgot something.

What I wanted to do was cancel the flight I'd scheduled for 4/27-4/30 so I was catching an earlier flight on 4/30 (because my brother's flying in and I want to get in early). But what I ended up doing instead was cancelling my flight for next week. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD: So I called my airline and said, "noooooooo please don't cancel" and they couldn't help me, and to rebook the flight, it cost me an addition $450. So that was fun. I went back to bed. No more doing travel things at 8am for me.

Of course, what I WANT to be doing is working out the romantic-ish part of the hugely action-adventure story I'm telling for the J2 big bang. Of course, I'm one of maybe six people not writing J2 or Wincest (I'm writing Wincestiel, though it's pretty Sam/Cas heavy at the moment).

How's things, dwircle? I realized because I haven't been feeling like posting, I haven't been reading, either, and I went back a ways to check on folks, but going back a month is probably not in the cards right this second. I'll try to catch up, though. <333


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