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So, back in 2014, I posted about my experience with writing a 12-chapter serial fic, and concluded, basically, that it's not for me. I did it once, and I might try it again, I thought, purposefully – to use the lessons I learned the first time around.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. )

But you know, I went back and read that post and the comments from the last time I talked about serials, and there was this in the comments from [personal profile] nagasvoice: What I'm wondering: If you give a warning note for it, would it be okay with the community to fix larger problems? Is anybody going to hate it if you edit earlier chapters when you've run into snags that need changing?


So much blather under here (including spoilers for the story, FYI)! )

And final thoughts about serials – which amounts to basically 'I have changed my mind, and only partially because SPN is a fandom of serials.' )

So what do y'all think? Still feel the same about serials? Have different thoughts? Don’t really care one way or another?

*chinhands* Come talk to me.
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I should be writing but I am avoiding it. I've just gotten to the porn and, as often happens to me, I'm just not in the right headspace.

I've been backreading my dwircle and want to say: I LOVE YOU GUYS. You're so delightful and thoughtful and also fun and funny and perfect.

There's a lot of politics on my dwircle which is great, but also things I don't have the emotional energy to comment on, so if you're someone posting about that stuff, THANK YOU and I appreciate what you're saying and linking but I probably won't comment.

Life update: We've moved to Milwaukee. We're in a tiny (but cute) apartment with really great light and the ability to walk to literally everything we could need. The vet would be a bit of a hike, but we could get there on foot if we needed to. We're looking for houses nearby, because I expect to get promoted this year and get a huge bonus and raise that will pretty much wipe out our debt and allow us to put together a downpayment in record time.

Cat update: Jeeves went to the vet yesterday. We need to do a blood sugar curve on him this weekend, but we think that 3 units of insulin twice a day is the new normal. He stopped peeing on us on purpose, but he's still peeing on things, so... probably going to keep the cats out of the bedroom, which is both frustratingly hard and sad-making.

Writing update: I made my goal of 250,000 words in May, and it's a good thing because July came and work just knocked me off my feet (and is still doing so, and probably won't end until next year). I'll probably make 400,000 for the year even so, which is great, but I'm not able to write consistently in the mornings, which is frustrating. I also hit 1 million posted words a little while ago, and that was very satisfying. I've also managed to keep up a serial for the better part of the year (it's stuck on the porn) and that ends somewhere around Christmas, so I'm looking forward to diving into other projects next year.

I think that's all that's fit to print. I've not been doing much social media-wise (not even spending time on Twitter or tumblr - it's just been lack of time everywhere), so I'm not ignoring Dreamwidth, I'm ignoring everybody. I'm just now dipping a toe back in, so we'll see how that goes. Hi hi hi!

Meme from 2011

3/4/16 09:43 pm
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Going back through my stuff for a thing, and saw this:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

And it was cool to look at the list of 20-something stories and realize only one or two are still on it! I've posted most of them and thrown a couple away.

So here's my 2016 list:

Cut for length. )

Aaaaaaaand just so I don't show up and put up nothing than a meme, a heartwarming story:

Last Sunday my wife said "Let's go to Melting Pot!" She had a craving. Okay, so we went. Because fondue! And when we got there, the waiter asked us if there was a special occasion and we were like, "nope, just wanted to come out."

And he proceeded to be the worst waiter in the history of waiters.

But then, something came up about the Oscars. Which I totally missed this year (which is the first year in like, two DECADES that I missed them). And then we realized... our first date was the Oscars. We used to use the Oscars as our anniversary. And then I realized our first date was in 2006. We were out for 10 year anniversary. ON ACCIDENT. Heh. :D :D :D
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A friend of mine posted this over on tumblr: If someone marks their fic “Author has chosen not to warn”, do you get to get your nose out of joint that it’s not tagged with things that you bother you?

#not a rhetorical question

And I actually had a lot to say about that, apparently. Thoughts? )

A few things

1/17/16 09:23 pm
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1. We are rewatching Fringe. Walter makes me laugh out loud SO MUCH. Also, I love the very slow and respectful way Peter and Olivia get together. Also also, Astrid is fucking GORGEOUS and so interesting. There's so much said about her in such little space on the show.

2. I am doing another serial Supernatural fic. I'm going to post on holidays. I've outlined the holidays I want to write for, and there are a couple of nice bunches of several in a row, coming up before Valentine's day that are important, but there's a 4 day gap between Ash Wednesday and Valentine's day, and the 3 days before that are in a row (Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday). Valentine's day is important, and then there is another one right away (President's day is February 15). I'm trying to outline what to do where and having a rough time. Anyone want to spitball with me in gdocs?

3. Our cats have the stinkiest butts known to man.

4. All the reports from Jaxcon are making me smile so big. And making me think about the RPF fic I don't write on very much.

5. I have to make most of a powerpoint training deck tomorrow. I'm nervous af about it. Good thoughts?

ETA: 6. Finally posted my 2015 fanwork roundup, if that's something you might be interested in.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 14: In your own space, share your love for something fannish: a trope, cliché, kink, motif, theme, format, or fandom.

Oh, I love SO MANY tropes. I think though, that the one I want to talk about today is Team/Found Family/Families of Choice. I love strong relationships between people that don't necessarily include a sexual or romantic component, and instead is just that kind of deep, abiding love you have for people who are dear to you. Often my teams or found families HAVE romantic pairings/moresomes in them, but that relationship is just part of the family dynamic.

I often think that one of the things we crave as human beings are those relationships based solely on love and care, unconditional love, where it doesn't matter who you are or what you did, you are loved anyway. That's not to say there aren't consequences for your actions, but simply that the love people have for you goes beyond whatever mistakes you make. I am adopted and I have that support from my family and my extended family (which is found family, not cousins and such, though I have a lot of those too), and I just want all my characters to have that too. I want Jody to wrap Sam in bubble wrap and feed him chocolate. I want Teyla to quietly and kindly teach Rodney how to be better at social interactions. I want Eliot to be the bedrock that Leverage relies on because they know he will be there, NO MATTER WHAT. That kind of love is divine, WAAAAAAAY more than sexual/romantic (for me, anyway) and I want all my characters (and all my friends, and all of freaking humanity) to experience it.
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Rules: go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

Yeah, so I have 4 WIPs over 7 pages long, and I'm posting all of them, dammit. Also not tagging anyone - play along if you like. <3

The Grace Machine, Wincestiel Big Bang to be posted in a couple of months. )
Fake Marriage Wincestiel Fic I'm considering for SPN_J2_big_bang in July )
The Road Less Traveled, sprawling Wincestiel AU fork thingee - TW for medical stuff, Sam is in the hospital with an injury )
Jensen realizes he's bi and his friends and loved ones support him (non-ship RPF fic) )
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1. Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing.
2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing?
3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write?
4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?
5. How many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour?
6. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot)
7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.
8. Why do you choose to write?
9. Do you ever have plans to write anything other than fic?
10. What inspires you the most?
11. Weirdest thing you’ve ever written/thought about writing/etc.?
12. A fic you wish you had written better, and why?
13. Favorite fic from another author?
14. Your favorite side pairings to put in?
15. Your guilty writing pleasure?
16. Do you have structured ideas of how your story is supposed to go, or do you make it up as you write?
17. Would you describe yourself as a fast writer?
18. How old were you when you started writing?
19. Why did you start writing?
20. Four sentences from your work that you’re proud of.
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And it always makes me pised off (at myself) when people talk about Doylist vs. Watsonian interpretations of anything because I don't know what the fuck they're on about. Anyone want to try and explain this to me in short, simple sentences?
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In your own space, post a rec for fannish and/or creative resources and spaces. Tell us where you go to dig up canon facts for your fandom, or where you get all the juicy details about your favorite ship. Where do you like to hang out and squee like a squeeing thing?

Apparently, I am starting to realize that I my fandom is actually writing. Because while I love Supernatural, and that is what I'm currently writing, I'm not interested (and wouldn't really be able to) make a list of SPN resources. I can however, make a list of writing tools and comms, which is what I'm going to do.

Tools to get those words out:
ilys.com: write one letter at a time, no backspace or delete (good for those who have issues with being ashamed of what they're writing or who worry about every word as they write it)
750words: write 750 words every day and earn badges
write or die: the original; many settings, including one that untypes your words if you remain idle for too long
write or die 2: haven't played around with this, but presumably even better than the original
written? kitten!: get a kitten for every 100 words written

Comms for motivation/accountability:
[community profile] verbosity: weekly goalsetting comm with daily check-ins
[community profile] thedailywriter: monthly goalsetting comm with ad hoc check-ins (at least monthly)
[community profile] writethisfanfic: support comm with daily-ish general check-ins
write every day: [livejournal.com profile] trobadora hosts a daily writing support group with daily check-ins on her journal
[tumblr.com profile] 1k1h: daily writing challenge to write 1000 words (or as many as you can) in an hour; posts twice daily, at least

Comms for prompts:
[community profile] fan_flashworks: single thematic prompt per 10 days or so (3 per month); also has social posts for chatting with other members at [community profile] ffw_social
[community profile] fic_promptly: prompt community with daily calls for prompts where anyone can fill
[community profile] genprompt_bingo: bingo cards of gen prompts (fills do not need to be gen), prompt lists updated twice per year
[community profile] trope_bingo: bingo cards of trope prompts, two rounds per year
[community profile] 15_minute_ficlets: single word prompt posted on Sundays

There are a million more, but that's enough to be getting on with for today, I think. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments! Also, [community profile] write_good is an editing comm (the name is a joke, get it?), love suggestions for more of those!
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Damn it, I never wanted to be that person. It's happened a while ago, before tumblr, even, and to be honest, I'm not there as much as I was before, either.

I still love DW, and it's still my most beloved platform, my internet experience has just sort of shifted again, you know? How are you engaging with the internet, my dwircle? Are you still mostly here? Or elsewhere? Or everywhere?

It's almost time to do the year-end retrospectives, so you'll get a flurry of posts here, and then it'll be time for [community profile] snowflake_challenge again, which YAYYYYYYYYY that is my favorite time of year!

Also, [community profile] fandom_stocking goes into January again, so if you have time and inclination, head on over there to stuff a few stockings? Here is my stocking - if you have a stocking, drop a link in the comments? <333

Oh - and it's writing comm times again. I do two every year )
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I was just looking through some old entries, looking for a gluten-free brownie recipe someone'd given me, and I found this meme. I thought I'd do it again, just to see how different the numbers are from the entry back in 2013. Code at the end if you want to play along. :)

Statistics! I luuuuurve them! )

Text box with html for those who want to play along. )
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Okay, I never do well with these write a thing every day sort of things, but I will try to at least answer them, though who knows what kind of schedule I'll be on.

The full 30 days under here. )

Day 1: How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in? )


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