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So I watched The Magicians (I was watching it live, actually, but the season is done now and it's been renewed for another). Vague character-ish spoilers under here. )
And last night I had a couple of dreams about it, like, very detailed and memorable dreams. Cut for length. )
kate: Aang :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (AtLA: Aang grinning)
I had a very typical stress dream this morning. There were two things different about it, though:

1. My wife was with me
2. I succeeded

Cut for length. My stress dream, ladies and gentlemen. )

And I woke immediately, thinking, TAKE THAT, STRESS DREAM! HA HA! I can't remember EVER being successful at that sort of dream, so this is giving me the biggest confidence boost right now. :D :D :D
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I woke up from a really disturbing dream this morning, and I had to write it down because it really affected me. I had some strong positive feelings about the beginning of it, and then hugely negative ones at the end.

Cut for length and possible triggers. Triggers include animal cruelty and scary devil artwork. )


8/15/15 09:29 am
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Dreams. Cut for length. )

I think I woke up shortly after that; I don't really remember any more dream anyway, and I didn't remember it when I woke up, I just got a flash of it while I was writing that made me remember, and I wanted to write it down for posterity. Weird. Weird weird weird.
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Apparently I felt like a CWRPS dream, mostly about Misha with bonus Jared-as-my-big-brother feels. )

And then I woke up suddenly (fear I missed an important email, ARG, WORK) so I remembered most of the dream in very great detail. It was an excellent one – and I'm so glad to have Misha and Jared in my dreams! I rarely dream about my fandoms, so this was fun.


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