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I had a very typical stress dream this morning. There were two things different about it, though:

1. My wife was with me
2. I succeeded

So what happens in my stress dreams is that I have an end goal. It's usually an activity I have to do. It's often concerts or other performances (as I used to be a musician) and since I've gone into consulting, it's moved on to meetings and travel. And then every obstacle in the world happens (some self-inflicted, some universe inflicted) and I fuck around until I miss the event, or give up on getting there.

Me and my wife were supposed to board a plane for Seattle. Don't remember why we were going there, but we were, and suddenly all this shit started happening. We had too much stuff for the plane, so I rented a locker for something. Then there was a problem with our luggage, and then I can't remember what, but I had six things (including two pairs of shoes) that I had to go put in the locker (even though the plane was boarding RIGHT THEN).

I got to the locker and realized the stuff in my arms was mostly trash, and I could buy more shoes later, if I wanted. So instead of fucking with getting it in the locker (it would've taken forever because I didn't really remember the locker number or password, and it was small and we had so much stuff, etc.), I threw everything in the trash (except one pair of shoes because suddenly I was barefoot) and made off for the gate again.

As was usual, I couldn't move very fast. My limbs wouldn't obey me, and people got in my way, there were stairs and ramps and lines and just... I could hear them announcing the plane closing its doors, but I was determined and the woman had JUST closed the door when me and two other people walked up and we begged her to let us on... AND SHE DID!!!

And I woke immediately, thinking, TAKE THAT, STRESS DREAM! HA HA! I can't remember EVER being successful at that sort of dream, so this is giving me the biggest confidence boost right now. :D :D :D
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