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I'm at the dentist (in the waiting room, my wife is in the chair) and there is daytime TV on the TV in here. It's clearly a soap opera, but the girl sitting on the bench musing on her life is singing. A cute little hipstery alternative tune. And there was someone playing piano earlier, and I think this dude is supposed to be some kind of singer-songwriter or something. WHAT IT HEAVEN'S NAME IS THIS THING. D:
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Hallo hallo hallo!

Thank you, dear creator, for making something for me! I am SO EXCITED to receive some femslash made just for me. Seriously, this is the best idea EVER.

So, my first, ironclad rule about exchange pieces is that I want to make it as stress-free for my creator as possible. I love all kinds of fic and art, so don't feel like you have to include everything (I don't honestly think that'd be possible) or even anything from the lists and prompts below. Optional details are optional! If none of this works for you, please, throw it out the window and go with something you want to do. I guarantee I'll love it, and I'll enthuse all over you in the comments.

Okay, with that out of the way, then, let's get on with it! I do like to list all kinds of things, throwing it all at the wall to see what sticks. If something sparks you, great! If not, see rule #1 up there.

A few general likes and dislikes, to maybe help you on your way.

Likes (These change all the time, and I like a lot more things than I can ever think of when I'm writing these letters, so if it's not here, don't fret, I probably like it!)

Pretending to be married/arranged marriages
Found family, especially within teams that have to work together
Friends and family outside the main relationship
Cooking and food
Relationships between equals (anti-power imbalance, maybe?)
Water (swimming, showers, bodies of water, anything)
Pets and/or kids
Well-drawn AUs
Dub-con when both parties are actually interested and just need a push to be together
Asexual characters
All ratings - porn, while I enjoy it, is not necessary if you'd rather not make it
Porn/kink likes, if you want to write that (for non-antagonistic relationships): bondage, especially hands or holding down, wallsex, begging, strap-ons, shaving, cunnilingus, sweet, positive sex talk, snuggling and cuddling after.
Porn/kink likes for antagonistic couples: I LOVE power imbalance, a toppy-dom taking advantage of their position of power and reveling in making the weaker lady(ies) submit, fighting into fucking, marking, bondage, holding down, begging, strap-ons, dildos or jury-rigged dildo with whatever's on hand.

Dislikes (these are weirdly specific to femslash - there's a whole essay in there about why I don't mind dark, dark, dark dudeslash fics and am not really interested in dark femslash, but unfortunately not in this letter)

Generally I'm not a fan of A/B/O, but I might actually be interested in it when it's not all about the dudes. If that's your thing, or you think you might want to do a take on it, have at!

Fannish/pairing notes and prompts

Supernatural )
Stargate Atlantis )
Bend It Like Beckham )
Arrow )
Buffy )
Firefly )

My sign-up, for posterity. )


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