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Hallo hallo hallo!

Thank you, dear creator, for making something for me! I am SO EXCITED to receive some femslash made just for me. Seriously, this is the best idea EVER.

So, my first, ironclad rule about exchange pieces is that I want to make it as stress-free for my creator as possible. I love all kinds of fic and art, so don't feel like you have to include everything (I don't honestly think that'd be possible) or even anything from the lists and prompts below. Optional details are optional! If none of this works for you, please, throw it out the window and go with something you want to do. I guarantee I'll love it, and I'll enthuse all over you in the comments.

Okay, with that out of the way, then, let's get on with it! I do like to list all kinds of things, throwing it all at the wall to see what sticks. If something sparks you, great! If not, see rule #1 up there.

A few general likes and dislikes, to maybe help you on your way.

Likes (These change all the time, and I like a lot more things than I can ever think of when I'm writing these letters, so if it's not here, don't fret, I probably like it!)

Pretending to be married/arranged marriages
Found family, especially within teams that have to work together
Friends and family outside the main relationship
Cooking and food
Relationships between equals (anti-power imbalance, maybe?)
Water (swimming, showers, bodies of water, anything)
Pets and/or kids
Well-drawn AUs
Dub-con when both parties are actually interested and just need a push to be together
Asexual characters
All ratings - porn, while I enjoy it, is not necessary if you'd rather not make it
Porn/kink likes, if you want to write that (for non-antagonistic relationships): bondage, especially hands or holding down, wallsex, begging, strap-ons, shaving, cunnilingus, sweet, positive sex talk, snuggling and cuddling after.
Porn/kink likes for antagonistic couples: I LOVE power imbalance, a toppy-dom taking advantage of their position of power and reveling in making the weaker lady(ies) submit, fighting into fucking, marking, bondage, holding down, begging, strap-ons, dildos or jury-rigged dildo with whatever's on hand.

Dislikes (these are weirdly specific to femslash - there's a whole essay in there about why I don't mind dark, dark, dark dudeslash fics and am not really interested in dark femslash, but unfortunately not in this letter)

Generally I'm not a fan of A/B/O, but I might actually be interested in it when it's not all about the dudes. If that's your thing, or you think you might want to do a take on it, have at!

Fannish/pairing notes and prompts

With most of the pairings, I'd be up for anything, really, since there isn't much about them in canon (and often one is dead before they even would've had a chance to know the other), so canon forks, weird meetings of chance, time travel, whatever - hit me with it!

I love Abbadon a lot; I like her as a domme, so any pairing (especially antagonistic) with her in it would be brilliant (not just Abbadon/Ruby, which I selected - I would've picked every Abbadon pairing available if I could ask for more pairings).

Stargate Atlantis
For most of these pairings, I would love anything - I love Teyla, Elizabeth, Kate, and Cadman, so any mix of them doing just about anything would be brilliant. With Teyla/Sora, while I wouldn't mind Teyla being able to bring Sora around from the dark side, I wouldn't mind a little antagonistic push and pull either.

Bend It Like Beckham
I don't have a whole lot of notes on this one - I love Jules and Jess during the whole movie and would be thrilled to see either something that fits into the movie or something about them being in college together after.

Huh, not a whole lot here either - though I feel like Nyssa/Sara could be either non-antagonistic or antagonistic, depending on when in the canon you set them, so do whatever works for you. Actually most of the pairings in this canon are complex - very few of them (maybe only Sara/Sin?) are straight up solid relationship. Everything else has a lot of complex stuff going on, which I'd love to see taken advantage of.

The classics for every taste! Willow/Tara for fluff, schmoop, domesticity, light angst, heavy angst... you could go anywhere with them. Buffy/Faith for a little friendly one-upmanship all the way up to quasi-antagonistic. And Darla/Drusilla for dark devotion and creepy. Love all of them.

I don't really have much to add to my sign-up here: I long for the friends-with-benefits teaching fic that goes along with the way Inara brushed Kaylee's hair. ALL MY BUTTONS, RIGHT THERE. For the flip side, though, antagonistic hate!sex (or not) with Saffron and Inara would be brilliant, too.

My sign-up, for posterity.

Supernatural - Ellen/Mary, Jo/Anna, Ruby/Lillith, Dorothy/Charlie, Charlie/Jo, Abbadon/Ruby

I would love to have done "any relationship" because I love SO MANY of the women on the show, but I'm sadly not particularly interested in Bela. Other than Bela, have at - I would love to see any of the other women (and I love crossovers in SPN, too, I've written Aisha (The Losers)/Ellen pre-femslash, so add whomever you want).

Stargate Atlantis - Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Kate, Teyla/Sora, Elizabeth/Kate, Teyla/Cadman

Teyla/Elizabeth is the ship of my heart, but I love them both and Kate and Cadman so any mix of those lovely women would be amaaaaaaazing.

Bend It Like Beckham - Jess/Jules

I just love these two SO MUCH. I would love anything for them, canon or post-movie, anything at all!

Arrow - Nyssa/Sara, Sara/Felicity, Helena/Laurel, Sara/Sin, Thea/Sin, Helena/Felicity

So I'm forgetting to mention that the thing I like best in my pairings is the hints or subtext (or outright text!) in canon that make it easy to imagine. If you want to bend over backwards to get Nyssa and Thea Queen together, that's totally cool! But for me, Nyssa/Sara is a gimme, as is Sara/Sin. The other pairings I've picked just seem eminently plausible in canon (to me, obvs).

Buffy - Willow/Tara, Buffy/Faith, Darla/Drusilla

Man, with this fandom, I just gotta hit my classic favorites hard. I love Willow/Tara to pieces and Faith/Buffy is always intriguing, and Darla/Drusilla is just deliciously evil. Love them all.

Firefly - Inara/Kaylee, Inara/Saffron

I long for the friends-with-benefits teaching fic or art that goes along with the way Inara brushed Kaylee's hair. ALL MY BUTTONS, RIGHT THERE. For the flip side, though, antagonistic hate!sex (or not) with Saffron and Inara would be brilliant, too.
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