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It started in a sporting goods store in Texas. I'm pretty sure it was Texas, there were cowboy boots and hats everywhere. They were hawking shirts, and the lady was saying how Jared wore his shirt all the time and loved it, and I think maybe on the show – and then the mannequin had on one of Sam's ugly plaid things. And then, Jared, in a bright blue t-shirt, gym shorts, and cowboy boots, was at the front. I think he might have been there the whole time, but I didn't recognize him? And as he walked away (the presentation wasn't done yet), I stared at him. I just watched him walk away. I think I might have waved, or said hi, or something, or maybe just laughed at his ridiculous outfit. I was standing, but there were high tables, and I was sort of draped over it, leaning forward.

As my eyes followed Jared, I noticed Misha sitting at a little low table in the back, behind me. I walked back toward him, sat cross-legged on the low table across from him (I don't think there were chairs, or if there were, I just didn't feel like sitting on them) and said, "I'm just going to stare at you, if that's okay?" And he said, "If it works for you." And I laughed and said, "Yeah, it works for me." So I did. And he smiled, and I smiled, and I think I did just stare at him for a while. And then Jared came back, sat down on a chair at my table, and pulled me back onto his lap. We started talking, I think about Misha? But he was just so normal and so was I (which is not how I react to celebrity sightings, not at all).

I just kept up my weird conversation with Misha. I was also doing something else, so I wasn't just chatting all over Misha (it was a weird conversation, definitely, but amusing and heartfelt, and not stilted at all, just weird). I want to say writing, but I don't think so. I'd get up every once in a while and take a walk around – there was a kitchen behind the stage area where they'd done the presentation – a huge kitchen – where Gen and her friends were all sitting on the counter gossiping. Gen was deciding whether or not to field a phone call from an ex, something about an engagement. I got the feeling that she and Jared had just gotten engaged? So I don't know if my mind set this in the past or an alternate universe.

The third time I walked my circuit, Gen and the girls followed me, and stood around me as I was cross-legged on top of my table. And then Jared came back and pulled me back to sit on him. He was sitting on the back of the chair and I was sitting on his boots (weird, and I knew it was weird but I didn't care). He kept rocking his foot with me sitting on it. He'd changed into jeans and a regular shirt, much more normal looking. I don't think Misha was in the conversation, really, and I just kept checking in with him, and he kept staring back. He seemed distracted.

The girls were talking about all kinds of stuff, and then Misha got up and left, and I watched him. After he walked away, one of the girls leaned in and said, "just so you know, you won't have any luck there, he's…" and then she made a move that, I think, was supposed to be her wagging her dick in my face. I think someone actually said the word "gay" and the lightbulb popped on. I laughed and said, "that's okay," and showed my wedding ring. The girls seemed amused by this, as if that didn't really mean anything? And then I said, "my wife" and they sort of laughed and started leaving the table, though one of the girls leaned forward and said, "where do you live?" And I said "Florida." (WTF brain, really?) And she sort of moaned disconsolately and said "too bad," and left with Gen. (At some point Jared left, too – I distinctly remember him picking me up off his boots, getting off the chair, and setting me down – but it was very normal-feeling to be manhandled by him in this way. I even teased him about it a little.)

I glimpsed Misha, he was in a red outfit, and he walked toward the back of the store, the warehouse-looking storage area. I followed him. I got lost, somehow on the wrong side of a fence in the warehouse area, so I had to backtrack, but I found a bunch of people in different-colored costumes, and just as I found the people in red, Misha barreled into me from the side, picking me up and spinning me around, saying, "I got the part!" I grinned and laughed and we started walking out of the area, which had turned into the green of a college, filled with not other auditioners (and I remember thinking, how weird is it that he still has to audition for stuff?) but drunk college kids. We had to pick our way through them, and I was just sort of talking at Misha the whole time (like I do – if you've ever met me, you know I can talk to a brick wall) and I mentioned something about creating a school, something I've done since I was a teenager. Other people planned their weddings (I did that too), I planned schools. Misha asked me which one was my favorite, and I told him the one I did for a class project in college. There isn't anything surviving from that one, unfortunately.

Our conversation went back to us-grade-normal and we ended up back in a storeroom kind of area, with Jared and Jensen. I think I might have thought Jensen was around earlier (it wasn't a surprise that he was there) but I don't remember seeing him particularly. On the back of the storeroom was a grassy hill. Jared sat down and I sat down next to him, and he pulled me in close to rest my head on his shoulder. (I should say – none of his manhandling of me was in any way sexual – it felt more like I was a kid sister or something) and we chatted in a much more average-normal way than the way Misha and I had been chatting. Misha sat down close-ish (maybe five feet away) to us and played with the grass. I remember distinctly trying to include him in the conversation, but he was weird, and Jared and Jensen seemed to accept that as the way Misha was. At one point he got up and stood across from where I was lying with Jared, directly in my sightline, and started moving. Dancing, a little, mime, just… standing there and doing things.

At some point, I turned to Jared and said, "I have to confess, I met you like, a week ago, and I was totally starstruck and tongue-tied." Jared laughed and petted my hair and said, "that's okay." And then I looked at Jensen and said, "I met you a while ago too, and was the same." And he shrugged and smiled and said, "we don't expect anything, it's okay." (It wasn't that exactly – whatever he actually said, I knew it meant that they knew people were excited and stressed and they gave allowances for that in people's behavior.)

And then Misha and I started talking again and Misha smiled, one of his huge-ass grins, the ones that make me happy just to see, and I said, "Man, you have a great smile! I wish you smiled on the show more!" (which is straight out of a fic I'm writing – I had Cas smile and I realized he never smiles, so I cut it out, and then I had Sam mentally observe that Cas never smiles, and then I cut that out too). And then I looked at Jensen (who was in Dean-gear) and sort of at Jared (it's tough to look at someone you're lying on) and said "You guys, too," and after a second I added, "though I suppose it's tough with how angst-ridden the show's gotten." And Jensen just smiled knowingly and said, "yeah."

There was a lot more with Misha – we had really great in-depth conversations throughout and I just felt like we were getting on to the start of a decent friendship – but eventually we all got up and headed toward the gate at the end of the field we were now sitting in (the warehouse/store/college completely gone) and then they said something about not being real? Or not being really there? And when I turned around at the gate, they were all gone, and the field was full of cows and sheep. I was only really sad about Misha, because I really thought we might become friends. Jared, while he was friendly and touchy, just felt like that's who Jared is.

And then I woke up suddenly (fear I missed an important email, ARG, WORK) so I remembered most of the dream in very great detail. It was an excellent one – and I'm so glad to have Misha and Jared in my dreams! I rarely dream about my fandoms, so this was fun.
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