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So I just had one of those long, involved dreams where I live somewhere and work with people, and my wife had set up a health care clinic in one area of the community (it's always a limited space with these dreams, this was like... a community center-ish thing? With a high-rise above and connected houses) and was working really hard to set up another and she was SO PROUD of herself (and I was proud of her too) and I went down to check on things, and her doctor was wearing this sparkly blue suit and I was like... uh, okay, I guess, and there was a young boy who needed to see the doctor but the clinic wasn't open yet, and when they told him, some of his family got really upset and he started to leave (there were like, ten of them there, a big gaggle of family) and for some reason they wrangled me into helping get them inside (they were all in swimsuits and there was a stiff breeze outside and we were worried about them getting hypothermia) even though I don't speak Spanish (they were Spanish-speakers) so I did this horrible sign language kinda thing and wrangled them all into an area of the sitting room and got them all to sit close to each other like a bit hug so they would stay warm (by taking a little one and settling her on my lap with my arms around her) and then they all got into it and did what they were supposed to.

The next part of the dream I remember is being in one of the connected houses. At first it was just me and one girl and we were wandering around the house vaguely dissatisfied (and I remember there being lots of cots or beds and one of them was mine - they saved me a space by the wall because they knew I liked it, and just... it was sweet. There were tons of people in that room, twenty or thirty at least). Then there were a couple of boys there, one was doing something really technical-looking with legos and the other was doing some other project, and then my on-site client boss came in with a woman in my consulting group that I have only met once (but in my dream she looked like Anne Hathaway). She started talking to me about grants - an error I had made, or someone thought I had made - while rummaging around in the lego boy's bag from a store. She finally finds what she's looking for, apparently - a bottle of lube. She holds it up at me, like an invitation, and makes some innuendo. And I'm like... are you serious? Then she tackles me onto the bed, and we're lying on our sides facing each other, and I'm thinking, holy shit I have to handle this delicately but I basically said, "I don't cheat."

And then Anne Hathaway-consultant person I don't know literally threw me onto my back and kissed me, and I was all "whoa whoa whoa" and I sort of held her up by her shoulders so she couldn't reach me, and she was all disdainful at me that I wouldn't have sex with them because I was faithful to my wife. Eventually I shoved her off and she flounced off, but my boss-lady just looked disappointed. (She's married to a dude.) I was basically weirded out by people thinking cheating is no big deal.

I think I woke up shortly after that; I don't really remember any more dream anyway, and I didn't remember it when I woke up, I just got a flash of it while I was writing that made me remember, and I wanted to write it down for posterity. Weird. Weird weird weird.
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