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So in my dream last night, I was walking up a hill in Massachusetts to a haunted house. I knew it was haunted; I'd been there before with Castiel, and we'd been caught and arrested. My nephew was with me and a few hangers-on that I can't clearly place as people in my memory. Castiel was apparently busy, though, so the Doctor was with me instead (ten). We got into the house and started lounging (who knows why). Took off our socks and shoes and were basically hanging around. It was empty and under construction. Finally, after a half an hour or so of lounging around, I was like, "uh, hey, so last time we were here, we got arrested and I'm pretty sure they've installed a security system so we should probably go." And almost everybody scrambled except the Doctor and me (whenever I get into situations like this, I seem to have an impossible time hurrying to do things, like putting on socks and shoes, it's the worst part of my stress dreams), and we ended up getting caught again. Apparently the police officers were on foot, though, because we had to walk back to the police station and so we took a shortcut through a warehouse. Of course the Doctor started talking nonsense and acting goofy and eventually fucked off somewhere in the warehouse, and the police officers ended up with just me.

Sam Winchester bailed me out and dropped me back at the house where the Doctor had returned, and we ended up making s'mores in the fireplace. Mmmmm s'mores.

Not a bad dream, all in all.
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