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1/17/16 09:23 pm
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1. We are rewatching Fringe. Walter makes me laugh out loud SO MUCH. Also, I love the very slow and respectful way Peter and Olivia get together. Also also, Astrid is fucking GORGEOUS and so interesting. There's so much said about her in such little space on the show.

2. I am doing another serial Supernatural fic. I'm going to post on holidays. I've outlined the holidays I want to write for, and there are a couple of nice bunches of several in a row, coming up before Valentine's day that are important, but there's a 4 day gap between Ash Wednesday and Valentine's day, and the 3 days before that are in a row (Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday). Valentine's day is important, and then there is another one right away (President's day is February 15). I'm trying to outline what to do where and having a rough time. Anyone want to spitball with me in gdocs?

3. Our cats have the stinkiest butts known to man.

4. All the reports from Jaxcon are making me smile so big. And making me think about the RPF fic I don't write on very much.

5. I have to make most of a powerpoint training deck tomorrow. I'm nervous af about it. Good thoughts?

ETA: 6. Finally posted my 2015 fanwork roundup, if that's something you might be interested in.
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