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Sorry I disappeared like that. Things have been nuts over here.

So first, kitties! Fatty is much better. Pretty much all the issues he had are gone, he's eating regularly and chasing Weebl and going in the litter box and everything is working like planned.

Jeeves is... well. Diabetic. We're giving him 4 units of insulin per day, which is just crazy. But, he's also pretty much back to normal, so the kitty household feels back on an even keel. THANK THE GODS.

I, on the other hand, have had a huge work shake-up that... is good? Really good, I think, but still makes me nervous. So, I was scheduled to go to Houston to be a business analyst on a project. That's a shitty role title because my actual title is associate, so it makes me sound like I'm taking a step back, but in actuality, the business analyst on this kind of job does all kinds of important stuff, and the reason they keep trying to get me in particular is because I have knowledge of the grants process, so I get almost instant client buy-in.

So I've supposed to have been there back in July, and I kept getting delayed to do these crappy interim staffing jobs, which were at least short. I'd heard that my big big boss was not pleased to be sharing me with the tech side of the house (which I was involved in because the market for our own service line was super soft about 18 months ago, and I'd been on the bench for months). And then I didn't get my promotion. Because apparently the shitty gigs they've been putting me on don't show my management potential. To top that off, I was told that because of Houston, I probably wouldn't get a promotion this year, either, because there's no management potential in that gig and I'd be at it for a year or more.

I bitched about it to my coaches (I have two, sort of, long story), giving one of them a piece of my mind because I was very forward about wanting a promotion this year, and we talked about the things I needed to do to get it, and I DID ALL THE THINGS I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO AND HE DID NOT DO HIS. So I was pretty pissed about that.

So anyway, the week before I rolled of my most recent interim staffing gig (I had just bought my tickets to Houston), I get a mysterious email that says, "you're not going to Houston, you're going to Boston until the new year. Details to follow."

So I spend a whirlwind week wrapping up at my crappy interim staffing client and gearing up for my new client - which is NOT interim staffing, but rather a process unification/assessment. This is the kind of work I thought I'd be doing when I got hired! So I was super excite, because this is my very first non-interim staffing job, but also super nervous because it is just two of us, and I don't know my project boss particularly well, and my assistant project boss is my coach (the lady one). So I've never done this before, I have to do an extremely amazing job so I can prove myself.

Sidebar: I am about 90% sure that my coach went out and got me this gig because there is a managerial sort of thing going on here - the person we're reporting to doesn't have a second in command, and that's driving a lot of the issues with the office. So while I am doing my process unification piece, it's been implied that I will sort of "help" by being her second in command. Which would look great on my promotion application for next year. I'm also kind of hoping that she becomes so enamoured of me that they beg beg beg me to stay on in this capacity as an interim manager for a while. It'd be nice to stay in Boston, and also nice to stay on a gig where I'm running an OSP office (and managing my own project, which I would be).

So I spent my first week at the client, conducting interviews and starting process documents. My project boss rewrote a lot of my stuff (she has a different style than me, and it's all fine, I just hate not having perfect deliverables from the get-go), and I basically just want to impress the shit out of her, so I'm going to be working really hard for a while.

I could use all the good energy and support on this gig, so if you have some to spare, I would be happy to get a little bit.

And that's all the news that's fit to print. What's up with you guys? *goes to check the dwircle*
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