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So we bought a new TV today. A 60" Samsung something or other. The resolution is gorgeous. We're watching How To Train Your Dragon to break it in. It's GORGEOUS. Big Hero 6 is up next.

It was just a warm-up, though, because we're buying a new car tomorrow. Pretty much settled on what we (and by we I mean *I*) want, but instead of trading in the car, my sister wants it. It's really died, it needs over $2k of work, and I don't want to give her a car that's unsafe, because I know she can't afford to fix it and I don't want her driving it unless it gets fixed.


I'm gonna take it to a shop tomorrow, see if they can give me an estimate on fixing it, and then figure out how to get to the dealer - who is half an hour north of here. At worst I can take a taxi, but that'd be pretty spendy. Arg.
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