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Not sure if I'm supposed to be writing a "Dear Creator" letter for [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_xmas, but I like talking about my likes and dislikes and my fandom and just about everything, ever, so.

Thank you for making something for me! I am SO excited, I cannot even explain how excited I am to do an exchange in this fandom, and that I'm going to get a gift made just for me. I LOVE EXCHANGES, WHEEEEEEE! :D :D :D

First things first: I don't live on LJ anymore. I'm [personal profile] kate over on Dreamwidth, if you're looking to know a little more about me outside of this exchange. I blather about all kinds of things.

Second things second: My number one, absolutely iron-clad rule about exchanges is: I want this to be fun for you. There should be no agonizing. There should be no twisting yourself in knots over a gift for me (unless you want to do that - then, twist away!). My most important rule is that you enjoy yourself while creating it - I will love anything you make, guaranteed.

Third... yeah, you get it: I am nearly unsquickable. I don't have any triggers. I listed a couple of dislikes, but you know, the longer I'm in fandom, the less things I find I don't like. Right now the list is basically scat and mpreg. Mpreg I am super-willing to be convinced I'm wrong about! Scat less so. I'm just... not interested in that, so please do avoid it. As for other dislikes I listed, they're not hard and fast. I've read a/b/o I liked, I just like other things better in this fandom. I listed humiliation because I'm not a fan of humiliation in general, but if you want to go there, and it makes sense for the character, then go there! Go ahead and convince me. I'm all about being convinced.

Fourth: Things I like, in no particular order (and with no obligation to include any of this stuff, this is just basically to see if I can spark an idea for you):

* Angst
* Found family
* Redemption
* Apocafic of varieties *other* than heaven/hell
* Female characters with agency (Jo, Ellen, Meg, Jody, Ruby, Cassie, Mrs. Tran, Charlie... I'm sure I'm missing some I just can't think of them offhand)
* Asexual characters
* Queer characters
* Kinky characters
* Asexual kink
* Being held down
* Coercion of any sort, to any end, and the accompanying angst
* Co-dependent Winchesters (even - or maybe especially - in gen)
* Badass Castiel
* Sam's hair
* Dean's faaaaaaace
* Castiel's... everything?
* Sam being badass, especially as a kid
* Dean being awkwardly vulnerable, especially as an adult
* Cas being a fish out of water
* Wincestiel of all flavors, but especially old!Wincestiel
* Cas/Dean with D/s dynamics, especially set in early-to-mid S4
* Sam/Cas where Sam isn't a stand-in for Dean
* Sam/Dean... I can't actually pick one thing I want for them. I do like angst more than fluff where they're concerned, though.

Hm, that's less interesting than I've been in other letters, sorry. I think it's being new to Supernatural, I'm still finding my feet. Hopefully this enough to get you started, though. Have fun, and thank you so much for making something for me! :D :D :D


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