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So I watched The Magicians (I was watching it live, actually, but the season is done now and it's been renewed for another). I'm not saying there aren't problems with it, but I adore it, because the main character is a super-nerd with long hair. He's kinda a dick, too, so you know, keep that in mind. But his nemesis Penny is AMAZING as is his sort-of girlfriend Alice and Eliot, OMG SO MUCH ELIOT LOVE and then there's Margo and Julia and Marina and... it's just really glorious. It's probably horrible too (it is horrible in some particular ways, but it's like, 90% good with issues and then misses the mark on a couple BIGGIES). But it's pretty, anyway. So yeah, I enjoy it.

In the first one, Quentin was running late for class. I can't remember why, but he took the belt from a pink trench coat of a girl named Patricia. It had a huge buckle on the front. I don't remember him taking it, so I'm not sure if he, like, asked her, or sort of grabbed it and ran, or what? But he had it in hand, and he went around the room and tied it in to itself, sort of. And when he went around the room, the way I saw it in my dream was like it was in a paint program on the computer - straight fuschia lines around the border of the room. Dean Fogg was teaching the class, and didn't flinch, but did rebuke Q for being late.

I am not even sure I was in the room - I think I might have been watching like, a narrator, or something.

Anyway, the class went on and they were all supposed to demonstrate something. I'm guessing the belt trick was Q, because he was at the front of the class fiddling with it while others were demonstrating. Julia was there, and she was sort of going through her bag for an item (that's it - they had to demonstrate some magical item?) and Q was like, Julia, don't do some of this piddly shit, use something Gabriel gave you (yes, Gabriel the archangel from SPN, though I don't know why I know that, since he's not in the dream anywhere). And she opens a little box, but nothing happens. Then there's a period where everyone is walking around, looking at each other's stuff and talking about it, and Q and Dean Fogg are standing real close and sniffing each other. And then Julia noticed that the clock at the front of the room was moving backwards, as was the little clock on the box. Also, I don't think they could get out of Quentin's belt trick. Patricia's name was mentioned a gazillion times and I don't think I ever saw her.

There was more to that, but I got up to pee, went back to sleep, and had another Magicians dream. In this one, Julia had gotten into Brakebills, but not Q, and it started with a fight because Q was doing something or other to prove he belonged in Brakebills, and Julia was kind of helping him, though she was dubious. He had a huge crystal ball, like bowling ball sized, and they were going into a place. Not breaking in, exactly, but I don't think they were supposed to be there. And before they got there, Julia and Q had been fighting, Q being kinda dickish like he gets, and Julia says, "Now would be a good time to let you know that I fought for you - hard. I spent five months trying to find something to get you in." There was more to that, basically, "Q you ungrateful bitch" sort of things, and I remember thinking I was all "GO JULIA". So anyway, back to this place. There was a glass revolving door to get in, and Q entered with the crystal ball, but then he got sort of... stuck? Like the revolving doors kept moving, but he was stuck in place. They moved through him, like he was a ghost. I got a sort of "I told you so" vibe off of Julia. Then we were all on the outside, looking in. It was a glass dish, and there was a little revolving door that the (now marble sized) crystal ball was stuck in. So Q took the top off it, but the revolving door was too big for his fingers, so we were trying to get it out, and then we switched size again, we were kind of between the sizes where the... glass structure with a revolving door... was a dish and it was a building, so now it's kinda fountain sized. And we take the cover off, and we're trying to get the crystal ball but there's stuff in there, and so we're sort of digging out the sides of it? Like, there's sugar or something in there, along with branches, like, pine branches. And Q was sort of digging around the branches for some reason? And I went in and started flinging them everywhere. And eventually we did something and put the cover back on, but the marble was still stuck in the revolving door, and there was now snow on top of the marbly thing, like maybe that's what was in there? Because I remember thinking, holy crap how is it winter again, I feel like I totally missed summer and fall this year... and then I woke up. :)


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