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I had not believed such a thing as WAGFAPE existed in the world, and I am so glad I chanced upon it in my galavanting around the internets.

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING SOMETHING FOR ME OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I AM SO EXCITE. I am sure I will love WHATEVER you make, and I have no opinions about things in or out of podfics (intros, music, sound effects, or straight up, nothing but words), so GO WILD. Do whatever your heart desires!

Second, I am super easy to please. For one, my number one favorite thing is your happiness. I want you to enjoy reading this story, and enjoy it enough that listening to it again and again while you edit is not (too much) of a chore. So I'd best prefer if you found a story you adored to record so that you get just as much enjoyment out of this as I do. I'd also love for you to read me one of your favorite stories - I feel like that really comes out in a reading, and it's one of my very favorite things in podfic.

Third, I love EVERYTHING. Seriously, just... I love all kinds of stories, all kinds of kinks, tropes, ratings, pairings (or not pairings)... I just love everything. I have a standard list of many many things I love, and another one that changes season to season, but the thing I'm looking for is a story that touches me in some way. Makes me laugh out loud. Makes you laugh out loud! (Some of my most favoritest stories to record were the ones were you can hear the laughter (or tears, gah, so many tears) lurking in my voice. I love those stories.) I'm not afraid of tears, so dark!fic is welcome, but I love laughter and love and cuddles too, if dark isn't your cuppa. I love to see loyalty and steadfastness, mistakes being made and then efforts to fix them (redemption fics are a huge fave), teaching of any sort (teaching in porn is a favorite), found family/team/brothers in arms, all those things are huge buttons of mine.

I like sexy fics, but if you are uncomfortable reading that, I'm happy to receive things that are lower on the ratings scale and/or gen. I prefer queer pairings, so for this fest, if you're going to do sexy times, I'd really rather see F/F (or multi-F/F/F), genderfluid characters, trans! or ace! characters, pretty much anything other than cis het. I love love LOVE platonic het relationships though (god, Olivia & Charlie (red or blue) FOREVER, or Red!Olivia & Red!Lincoln, or Dean & Charlie, I could eat them up with a spoon - as long as it stays completely platonic).

I'll put the few DO NOT WANTS up front here before I go into a bit of detail with my canons. There's only a few, and they are: character bashing, scat, mpreg. I am not super fond of A/B/O, though I must admit a female-centric A/B/O story where the political structure and history and just everything are dealt with does sound interesting. I'm okay with the rest of the normal biggies, though, so if you can do sad or scary or disturbing, I am happy to receive that!


This is a tough fandom for women and genderqueer characters, I will grant you. The women that are there are AMAZING, though, so let my name a few of my favorite characters and pairings. Charlie - ALLLLLLL THE CHARLIE, Dean & Charlie, Sam & Charlie, Dean & Sam & Charlie, Donna, Jody, Donna/Jody, WAYWARD DAUGHTERS, Claire, Claire & Castiel, Abbadon, Linda Tran, Jo, Jo & Ellen, Ellen/anyone, especially crossovers! (I've written Ellen/Aisha (The Losers), and I just stumbled across an Ellen/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. OOOOOOOOOH.) I've heard about Charlie/Jo and I love the concept but haven't read any - I'd be happy to get some of that!

I read a fic a while back that had genderfluid!Sam and I absolutely adored it (I think the pairing was Sam/Cas). I love Sam as genderfluid, or Cas as agender (which is canon, really, despite Castiel's current male (albeit lovely!) meatsuit), and I think there's a fair amount of fic about non-cis versions of Sam or Cas that would make for some lovely reading. I do any and all pairings in SPN, so no worries about stepping on toes there.


PARKER. I love all the Parker. Here is, I grant you, one het couple I could take - Parker/Hardison. I love them together and would make an exception for fic about them. I love Eliot and Parker/Hardison/Eliot too, but unless Eliot is genderfluid or agender or something, I'm not really thinking that's for this particular challenge. I love casefic featuring Parker's skillset or introspective vignettes where she looks on her team with love, or pretty much anything about Parker, ever. I do like Sophie, too, but usually more as half of a F/F pairing - Sophie/Tara or Sophie/Maggie are both favorites of mine. I really prefer Parker with Hardison, so unless it's pre-series (or pre-Parker and Hardison getting together), I'd rather not have Sophie/Parker. Genderqueer Parker would be super-mega-awesome!

The Librarians

Cassandraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Seriously, every woman she's ever met (INCLUDING EVE, IN THE FAIRYTALE EPISODE) has fallen deeply in love with Cassandra, mostly at first sight. I love Cassandra, and every F/F pairing with her that exists. Cassandra/Lamia (particularly in that alternate universe) is a fave, as is Cassandra/every female minor character she's been on screen with. Gen fics about Cassandra and magic or becoming part of a team or her brain grape also welcome. I wouldn't turn down OT3 (Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake) if one of the boys was genderqueer in some way, too. But focus on Cassandra would be preferred. That said, now that I've thought about genderqueer Ezekiel, I would totally go for a story about that, too, that would be brilliant.


SO MANY AWESOME WOMEN. Olivia, Bolivia, Astrid (every Astrid, I love EVERY Astrid), Elizabeth (I love every iteration of her too), Nina (love every iteration of her too), Etta, and I'd be into genderqueer versions of Walter, Astrid, Lincoln, Olivia, or Broyles. Fringe is a fandom where I have read almost nothing, so I trust your judgement if this is the fandom of your heart! I'm not terribly into pairings, but I like the canon ones well enough, and mostly the aspect I like about all these folks is the team/family aspect.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Oh, Phryne is wonderful, to be sure, but my heart is with Mac. I love Mac SO MUCH, and would love it if there were a story out there about the fling Mac and Phryne had pre-series. They just seem like they might have had a good time one night (or one week). I love Dot, too, and this fandom really hits my teaching kink pretty hard, so I'd be okay with just about anything as long as it features one or more of these delightful women (OR JANE! I LOVE JANE!). I'd love to see genderqueerness with regard to Mac, or even Jane, maybe, but I'm not particularly interested in any of the men in this fandom, even if they were genderqueer. I like Phryne/Jack and Dot/Hugh as pairings in canon, but I'd rather not have fic focused solely on that.


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