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Fandoms: Supernatural, The Losers (2010 movie), Pacific Rim (2013 movie), Big Hero 6 (2014 movie), Leverage (TV), The Librarians (TV), How to Train Your Dragon (movies and TV), Simon R. Green's Nightside series (books)

Supernatural: Wincestiel, Wincest, Sastiel, Destiel, Sam/Jody, Dean/Mrs. Tran, Donna/Jody, Charlie/anyone, Impala/pimpmobile
The Losers: Cougar/Jensen, Aisha/Roque/Clay, Pooch/Jolene, Pooch/Jolene/Cougar/Jensen
Pacific Rim: Mako & Stacker, Raleigh & his brother
Leverage: Hardison/Parker/Eliot, Tara/Sophie, Sophie/Maggie
The Librarians: Jake/Cassandra/Ezekiel, Jake/Eve, Cassandra/any female character ever
How To Train Your Dragon: Hiccup & Toothless, all the kids and their dragons
The Nightside: John/Suzie, Eddie/John, Eddie/John/Suzie

Supernatural: Sam, Cas, Dean, Jody, Donna, Charlie, Kevin, Abbadon, Jo, Ellen, Gabriel, the Impala, the pimpmobile
The Losers: Cougar, Jensen, Aisha, Roque, Pooch, Jolene, Jensen's sister
Leverage: Parker, Hardison, Eliot, Sophie, Tara
Pacific Rim: Mako, Stacker, Raleigh
Big Hero 6: Baymax, Team
The Librarians: Jake, Ezekiel, Cassandra, Jenkins, Eve
How To Train Your Dragon: Toothless, Hiccup, Astrid, Stormfly, Fishlegs, Meatlug, Snoutlout, Hookfang, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, Barf and Belch, Valka, Gobber, Gothi
The Nightside: DEAD BOY, Eddie, John, Suzie, Merlin

And now, I'm sorry, I just have to expand on those three things with my fandom likes because I have a lot of enthusiasm, okay?
Supernatural Wincestiel, Wincest, Destiel, Sastiel, Sam/Jody, Dean/Mrs. Tran, Donna/Jody, Charlie/anyone, seriously, anyone, Abbadon, Jo, Ellen, Charlie, Kevin, Mrs. Tran, Jody, Donna (WAYWARD DAUGHTERS OMG), Gabriel, the Impala, and Cas's pimpmobile (crack with the Impala and the pimpmobile would be awesome!). Seriously, though, the Wayward Daughters pilot episode would be AMAZING.

The Losers All the characters except Max and Wade, Aisha/anyone (especially femslash, and including crossovers), Cougar/Jensen, Clay/Roque/Aisha, Pooch/Jolene, Pooch/Jolene/Cougar/Jensen. Teeeeeeeeeeeam! With Roque, and with Aisha, and even with Roque AND Aisha.

Pacific Rim I love all things jaeger. Mako is my favorite, and I do kinda ship her with Raleigh, but more interesting to me is her relationship with Stacker, and Raleigh's relationship with his brother. I ship Newt/Gottlieb, too, but it's really the jaegers that I love about this movie. Also, any possible crossovers forever with this. Please though, if you do SPN, it has to be the Winchesters in the jaeger. It can still have any pairing you want (Destiel with the bros in a jaeger!!!), but I can't think of a more perfect pair of jaeger pilots than Sam and Dean.

Big Hero 6 This movie makes me smile so big!!! I love Baymax SO MUCH. I would love any and all Baymax art and graphics! Or icons! Love love love this movie.

Leverage All the Hardison/Parker/Eliot ever. EVER. I also enjoy Tara/Sophie and Sophie/Maggie. I love team being team, team being family, trust/saving each others' skins, and Parker being Parker.

The Librarians How much do I love this show? All of the wee librarians in any formation, but most especially team/family. I wouldn't turn down a little Jake/Eve, though. I don't like her with any of the rest of them (Cassandra is tempting, but I'd rather see her with one of the ladies she's romanced over the course of the last season and a half, to find out how much of it is purposeful and how much of it is pure natural charisma). I am always big on team here, on how Ezekiel is both the most egotistical person of all time and yet somehow the most charming and unintentionally supportive, how Jake is…. Jake. Just, Christian Kane, what can I say. I have a thing. And how Cassandra is hot as balls, flirting her way across their adventures with all the ladies. She has so much chemistry with every lady she's with (including Eve) that it's enough to make a girl swoon. And Jenkins! Jenkins backstory and history would be amazing.

How to Train Your Dragon TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHLESS. Hiccup & Toothless, all the kids & their dragons, Hiccup's mum (Valka), Gobber, Gothi and her terrible terrors... Seriously, though, Toothless. I love HTTYD art especially, because DRAGONS. I think, though, especially after the second movie, the story I would like most is Hiccup naming Astrid chief, because clearly she'd be better at it than him, and moving himself over to title of General of the Dragon Corps or something. Because let people be awesome at what they're awesome at.

Nightside series I love Dead Boy most of all. I love love love him and there can never be enough fanworks about him (seriously, macaroni art, lineart, chibis, ART OF DEAD BOY WOULD BE AMAZING). After Dead Boy, I like Eddie, Suzie, and John/Suzie, John/Eddie, and John/Suzie/Eddie. EDDIE. Also Merlin, because Merlin.

Fanwork Likes: I love everything! No seriously, all tropes, genres, ratings, you name it – including types of fanwork! I love and cherish art, icons, vids, graphics, interpretive dance, and macaroni castles just as much as fic, meta, podfic, and recs (maybe even more because I can't do those things!). Common themes in works I love are: team, family, team-as-family, found family, families of choice, redemption (but done the hard way – no dying to redeem yourself, no, I prefer having to stick around and work at it), food (eating, cooking, baking, whatever), dragons of all stripes (I'm not familiar with Pern, that doesn't stop me reading/listening/ogling and loving it) and making OT3s out of love triangles. Also - crossovers and fusions, especially clever ways to fit two canons together, or weirdly appropriate melding of two shows because they exist in the same time period even if their genres are wildly different (Eureka and Criminal Minds, X Files and ER, Buffy and just about anything – but how about West Wing?). Finding ways to mix fandoms is one of my favorites! And there are many, many more fandoms that I know well enough to see crossovers/fusions with, such as (and this is a partial list): Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human (so sad, cancelled before its time), any cooking, sewing, or baking reality competition show ever (Project Runway, Top Chef, The Great British Bakeoff, Iron Chef America, Chopped, The Voice, Faceoff, all-stars and masters versions of all of the above (Wylie DuFresne is LOVE) and on and on), SGA, SG-1, Criminal Minds, Psych, Elementary, Person of Interest, White Collar, Merlin, X Files, Buffyverse, Star Trek esp TNG, DS9, and Voyager, The Flash, Arrow, Firefly, Dollhouse (this is SO GREAT for crossovers, especially angsty ones), Eureka, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Galavant, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire (vaguely the police one, but that's on a different night and I don't usually see it), Perception, Haven, Revenge, Eddie Izzard, LOTRiPS, Trigun (the anime, not the manga, sorry!), Temeraire, Master and Commander (books and movies), Harry Potter (books and movies), the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (books and movies), Priest, Hunger Games (movies), Die Hard movies, esp. 4, Despicable Me 1 & 2, most Disney and Pixar animated movies, the Matrix movies, X-Men, Star Wars, the Bourne movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Oceans 11 and its sequels, The Italian Job, Sky High, and of course, MCU (particularly Daredevil and Guardians of the Galaxy – GROOOOOOOOOOOT).

A few things that are on my mind of late that I'm longing for: Undercover as gay, undercover as married, undercover as gay married (fake marriage is my favorite), impossible situations that lead to dubcon (and allllllll the fallout from that), snuggling and cuddling (especially when canon non-snuggly folks are doing it for their person – especially if they're not really in a relationship but maybe one or the other or both might want to be), tentacles, robots, (robot tentacles!), arranged marriages that work out in a sort of quiet win-them-over kind of way, competence in absolutely any field (ALL THE AUS), characters supporting the dreams, goals, and ambitions of their loved ones, especially when it's hard, and… socks. I just love socks, okay? A good pair of comfortable, soft socks on your feet can be surprisingly pleasing. Plus sometimes they have stripes or argyles or polka dots and that is super excellent.

Fanwork Dislikes: Character bashing and scat. That's about it, really. Mpreg, humiliation, and A/B/O aren't my favorites, but I'm willing to be convinced! If you love any of those things, show me why?

Anything Extra: I love everything! All formats of fanworks, all the genres and tropes, all ratings, and all kinds of greetings and holiday wishes (I was raised Catholic and am currently pagan, but have joy for all late-in-the-year traditions and everything to do with winter (sorry, Southern Hemisphere)). Happy holiday anecdotes would totally be welcome too, especially about family or found family. Non-fannishly, I'm a fan of water (fresh water lakes especially), sunsets, being snowed in, the Hubble telescope, hedgehogs, bunnies, elephants, gluten-free low carb recipes (these are surprisingly hard to come by!) and nose kisses.

Thank you so much for wading through all that - I may have a little enthusiasm to spare for my fannish (and non-fannish) interests. I look forward to thanking you directly should you post something, but until then, thanks for thinking of me, or taking a prompt or getting some inspiration... you're fabulous, and happy back end of the calendar year and/or any desired holiday greetings. <3


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