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I was just looking through some old entries, looking for a gluten-free brownie recipe someone'd given me, and I found this meme. I thought I'd do it again, just to see how different the numbers are from the entry back in 2013. Code at the end if you want to play along. :)

Account Created: 11/13/2009
Link to AO3: [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin
Total Works: 320

Total Wordcount: 810,264
Average Wordcount: 2,532 - but it jumps to 3057 if I remove all the shorts below. :)
Longest Story: Truth, Justice, and the Lantean Way (67,206)
Shortest Story: 1 piece of art, 1 icon collection, and 1 picspam with 0 words, 1 comic which has 5 words, 2 audio meta which each have 9 words, 20 podfics ranging from 6-50 words, and 31 100 word drabbles

Total Kudos: 14,807
Average Kudos: 46 (not too shabby, really, I am super happy with that)
Story With the Most Kudos: The Three Body Problem (566)

Total Comment Threads: 1012
Average Comment Threads: 3
Story With the Most Comment Threads: The Three Body Problem (42)

Total Author Subscriptions: 130
Total Story Subscriptions: 162
Story With the Most Subscriptions: Apologies and Other Disasters (38) (This is my first serial in SPN, which is a serial-happy fandom. I'm not surprised to see subscriptions on that one, honestly.)

Total Bookmarks: 1469
Story With the Most Bookmarks: The Three Body Problem (167)

Stories With No Comments or Kudos: 112 with no comments, 8 with no kudos, 7 with neither kudos nor comments. That's surprising, honestly. I knew I hadn't posted anything that hadn't received a kudos or comment in the intervening years, but to see the numbers of old fics that have received kudos and comments is making me a bit sappy.

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Cool! I've just done it too. :-)


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