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I have never done such a complete 180 with an episode. It started SO BAD. I was cringing with how bad it was. But then. OMG THEN.

Dean went to confession. And said, and I quote: "There's things... people... feelings... that I-I-I want to experience differently than I have before. Or maybe even for the first time."

Priest: "Go a little deeper, perhaps, than with Gina?"

Dean: "Yeah. I'm starting to think... that there's more to it all than I thought."

Priest: "Learning that there's more to your tiny world can be a frightening discovery."

I shit you not. That's pretty damn close to the exact line, though I will quote it in full when I download the episode tomorrow. Quoted.

PEOPLE. He had been explicitly talking about women RIGHT UP UNTIL THAT POINT.

And then Sam gave Dean the "you can talk to me" speech while driving the Impala.



on 3/26/15 03:42 am (UTC)
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They have to be queerbaiting. It's SPN.


*secretly hopes*

on 3/26/15 05:21 pm (UTC)
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I am trying to come up with any other explanation for this, but ... yeah, no. I mean, I can't believe they'd possibly actually mean this, but WHAT ELSE COULD THEY POSSIBLY MEAN WITH THIS??????

I'm completely stunned.

on 3/26/15 09:06 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] curiouscorvid
I haven't seen it yet, and so I shouldn't have peeked at this but my TL was already going nuts and I am now very suddenly curious about what's going on! :O I better get on this!

on 3/31/15 03:04 pm (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] curiouscorvid
Hahah. I just.... I don't know! I re-watched it right now, and I don't know...
It's SO INCREDIBLY easy to see this as opening the door for Destiel, but I know I'm wearing shipping goggles and I wonder what norms think of it?

Maybe Dean just means that he wants to have deeper relationships with women? But he had Lisa. Wasn't that deep? Or was that just a placeholder for Sam as he was mourning. Dammit. Now I'm pushing this into Wincest. /0\

One thing that troubles me is there was no Cas in that ep, and no mention of him the ep previously, so if they wanted us to connect this revelation to him, shouldn't he have at least been mentioned somewhere? Or, does Dean just keep all of that locked up? I think your analysis of him (mentioned previous) is pretty spot-on though, so if this DOES mean he's looking to explore bisexuality, them he'll move forward in that direction.

(ha. I was gonna say he wouldn't dick around, but lbr, that's what we're looking for!)

Also, Sam was driving!!! I can't remember the last time I noticed that! :O He's really stepping up his big brother game.

Ughhhh. Please experience Cas for the first time..... Please!

(But really, in my heart, I don't see why the show would really announce that he was bi /sobs/)


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