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12/2/14 ETA: I promise, I will write this up! I am veeeeeeeeeery busy, but I will find the time in the next couple of days to get to this. PROMISE. In the meantime, if you want to get the gist of things I like (everything, really), you can check out my dear creator letters tag, there's three Losers letters in there and a host of other fandom/fest ones too.

12/8/14 ETA: Okay, here it is! I am writing my letter. Right now. I'm sorry I'm a horrible recipient.

BUT! You are a WONDERFUL fanwork giver, and I know this because you are making something for me! :D :D :D And I promise to cherish it forever and ever because OMG YOU ARE MAKING SOMETHING FOR ME.

So my number one rule of fannish exchanges is that I want them to be as guilt-free and awesome as possible. So if you have some Losers vid you are just dying to make, or you've been ruminating on meta about Cougar's hat, or you have a fic where the Losers are all snack foods.... HAVE AT IT. I would love any of those things and anything else that might come out of your brain.

That said, I do like to provide fodder for the inspiration mill, so if you want a little something more to go on, or just want to read to see if something sparks your interest, my rambling requests/likes/dislikes/whatever-the-hell-this-is is below.

Okay! Let's start with characters/pairings. I love all teams, ever. I love team with Roque, team with Aisha, team with both, whatever! My OTP is Cougar/Jensen, OT3 Aisha/Clay/Roque, OT4 Cougar/Jensen/Pooch/Jolene. I love Pooch/Jolene, too, of course, and enjoy Aisha/just about everyone, especially femslash. I love her especially in crossovers because I feel like she fits in everywhere. For characters, I love them all, but mostly my boys - Cougar, Jensen, and Pooch, and then Roque and Aisha, and, I'm sorry, JDM, but Clay just comes in last for me. If you love Clay - show me why? I'm always willing to be convinced!

Then there's genres and tropes and stuff? This is hard for me because seriously, I love everything. I love deathfic, fluff, cuddling and snuggling and hardcore non-con. Whatever you like, I like it too! Seriously, I read it all, and I am direly in need of two things lately: emotional release and sappy sweetness. I am good with either, both, whatever you want to give me, just go big.

I'm not an artist, so I don't have a lot to say about art except that I love all kinds of art from chibis to black and white sketches to watercolors to whatever. I love it all. I can't art to save my life so I will likely just stare at it for along time and be super super jealous. And then remember you made it for me and be all happy again!

I love crafts so much! I am not kidding when I ask for a macaroni castle - I really do want one, really, really. And then the harlequin romance that goes along with it. I've been promised tiny chainmail Losers from my wife if anyone does actually make a macaroni castle.

I also love the abstract and bizarre - the weirder it is, the more I love it! I've gotten drum solos before (brilliant), and the taort deck and board game are two of my very favorite Losers big bangs. I love love love off-the-wall fanworks, so knit me that tea cozy, go on!

I adore meta and vids and recs of all stripes, icons and podfic (oh, man, I freaking LOVE podfic), and whatever it is you create, I am sure to love it.

In fic, yeah. I'm just so easy. I love words, and I love The Losers, and you put the two together and I am seriously in heaven.

A few prompts, if you need (but remember rule #1 up there! GUILT FREE!):

+ An AU where the team is the Leverage team. You can mix them up any way you want, but seriously, HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE. Art of this would be AMAZING, as would fic, or a rambly voice post outlining how each character fits their role of grifter, hitter, hacker, thief, and mastermind.

+ Time lapse-sort of art where one of the team is going through a werecat change.

+ The team (or just Jensen, or Cougar and Jensen, or whoever!) in that moment, way before the soccer game, when Jensen sees his sister and niece again.

+ A lullaby for Pooch and Jolene's baby.

+ The epic tale of Cougar and Jensen, babysitters.

Hopefully that provides some inspiration - I love these guys, and I love fanworks, and I LOVE YOU. Thanks so much for making me something! :D :D :D

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