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I AM SO EXCITE! I absolutely love throwing things in the mixing bowl and seeing what comes out! I love all of these canons and would like anything at all from two of them mixed together. My Rule #1 of all exchanges is that I want you to enjoy what you're writing, so take anything after this point with a bucketload of salt (because Rule #2 is that I throw out every idea I can think of including utter and complete crack to see if I can spark an idea for you - if I can, great, if not - see Rule #1).

General likes (this varies from day to day, so this is just a list of things of interest right this sec): Found family, team, intense friendships, redemption arcs, teaching, awkwardness, bonding over food, intelligent use of resources, standing up for people (one's self or others), mind control/coercion and all the angst that goes with it, inability to express feelings verbally, snark, and pulling pigtails. For generalities, I like horror to fluff and everything in between. I read everything. Yes, really. Every. Single. Thing. All ratings, all genres, all tropes, all kinks (including none), all characters, all pairings or moresomes (including none), all styles (descriptive to sparse, purple prose to stark minimalism), you name it, I read it.

General dislikes: scat. This list has gotten shorter and shorter the longer I'm in fandom, and this is now the only hold-out. ABO and mpreg aren't top of my list, but I've read and enjoyed both, so have at, if that's where your inspiration takes you!

Specific prompts (these are just to spark your imagination - if nothing works for you, feel free to stick to the "Optional details are optional" decree):

Request 1: Criminal Minds, Leverage, Psych, White Collar

Solving (or committing) crime together! I'd love to see any of these teams crossed over for casefic as I think the characters would spark off each other brilliantly. I'd love to see what Garcia and Hardison get up to together, or watch Neal charm the pants off Prentiss, or have Lassiter take a White Collar seminar from Peter. How about Parker and Reid being awkward at each other or Elizabeth hosting a party that Sophie and Tara crash? Or Eliot, Parker, and Hardison looking for a new team member or two after the finale and looking into Shawn and Gus (or Neal - they are short a con artist, after all)? There are so many possibilities with these guys!

Request 2: Doctor Who, Discworld, Glee, Eureka, PG Wodehouse

This is my crack-tastic set. I would love just completely off-the-wall fic from absolutely ANY of these combinations. I'd love to see Jeeves & Wooster in the TARDIS (Jeeves finding the kitchen on the first try and making tea!), or watch one of the companions join the Monstrous Regiment. Zoe Carter transferring schools, joining the Glee folks and making them sing about physics! DEATH, Death of Rats, Susan Sto Helit, Lord Vetinari, or Moist von Lipwig anywhere for any reason would be super welcome. Glee is basically the reason to have a musical episode in all the other series. BECAUSE MUSICAL EPISODES. Any of the doctors and/or companions (or Jack Harkness, fuck, I love Jack) exploring Eureka or Ankh-Morpork would be great. Henry and/or Jo getting shifted from Eureka to Discworld and finding Unseen University or suddenly ending up in Wodehouse-world would be awesome. These are just all my fun happy places, and I'd love to see any of them smushed together.

Request 3: Star Trek: AOS, Star Trak: DS9, Firefly, Hunger Games

IN SPAAAAACE! Or the future. Or both. I just think finding a way to make any of these two canons work together would be awesome! Reconciling AOS and DS9 would be awesome - how does DS9 come about in the alternate universe, or does it? Where are Jake and Sisko and Bashir and Dax and Kira? Fitting together Firefly and either Star Trek seems like great fun to me, too - they're so different; are they just in different corners of space? What happens when they meet up out in the black? The Hunger Games, I just... I would love to see what the folks from these other canons do when they find out about them, or how they'd deal if they ended up getting stranded there. Dystopias and dark fics call to me here, but I would not be opposed to something on the more tribble end of things, either.

Request 4: House, MD, Hannibal, Elementary, Person of Interest

Another set of case-solvers! I think seeing House and Sherlock interact could be one of the absolute best things EVER. I'd love to see Joan and House either hit it off or become massively antagonistic. I think you could play that either way, depending on the day (or storyline) for House. What if the Machine coughed up Will's number? Or Irene's? Or Wilson's? What would Hannibal do if Sherlock and Joan came to his door to question him about a case, or Reese saved his life while he was out grocery shopping? There is so much potential here for teamwork or working at cross-purposes!

Request 5: Fringe, Orphan Black, Dollhouse, Inception, The X-Files

Dystopias and sci fi, technology and ambiguous morals... I love all of these. Dollhouse and Inception are so so so easy to cross over with everything - and such potential for devastating angst! Putting the mind of someone into the mind of someone else - and then crossing that over with the dreamworld of Inception! Mulder and Scully investigating either one of those things would be awesome - especially if one or both of them got dumped into a dreamworld or a doll or found out they had clones of themselves. What if the clones from Orphan Black were being created specifically to become dolls, so they didn't have to recruit people anymore? What would Olivia and Peter do if they were stuck inside a dream together, or what if alt!Olivia's memories got downloaded when the universe reset so she could go back to the Dollhouse to look at them every once in a while? What if Walter discovered the basis for the dreamsharing in Inception? What if Peter and Olivia found the X-Files secretly stored away somewhere? SO MUCH GOOD STUFF HERE, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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