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Hallo dear creator!

So, you may be able to tell from my sign-up that I am totally the easiest recipient ever. No, really. You're making something for me. I already love it.

Rule number one is that you enjoy what you're making. If you love what you're doing, I'm going to love it too, I guarantee it. If nothing in my sign-up or blathering below interests you, throw it all out the window and make whatever the heck you feel like!

I don't really have a lot to add to my sign-up, honestly, it was pretty long as it is. I seem to be a bit of a unicorn in that I really love all the pairings with the boys. I like Wincest, early seasons or later, I love Destiel, because it's just so easy, I love Sam/Cas because they're such an odd couple and it takes some work to get them together, and I love Wincestiel most of all, because my answer when I can't decide on an OTP is to smush them all together.

I also love gen and character-based stuff, especially minor or secondary characters: Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Meg, Ruby, Jody, Bobby, Chuck, Garth, Kevin, Kevin's mom, Samandriel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Death, Naomi, Gadreel, and I'm sure others that aren't coming to mind.

Also, I guess I forgot to say it, but, no character bashing please! I totally get it if you like Wincest and hate the angels, or love Destiel but don't much care for Sam. But in that case, please just leave the character out rather than killing them needlessly or putting them through the torture mill.

I'm seeing a lot of prompts in others' sign-ups that make me go: why didn't I ask for that?! So here, a list of things I forgot to mention that I enjoy a lot:

Snuggling for warmth
Protective Instincts
Winchesters as kids, weecest or just gen
Co-dependency where things aren't completely jacked because of it

Dub-con - especially when there is massive angst because of it (Dean and Sam are faves here - getting together because there's no other way out of a situation is one of my iron-clad kinks for Wincest)
Evil!Sam, Demon!Dean, Badass!Castiel
Sam as a damsel in distress, Dean getting beat up, and Cas being mulishly defiant
Co-dependency where things are completely jacked because of it

One last logistical note: If you're looking for me, I'm actually over on dreamwidth at [personal profile] kate, but there's not a lot about SPN there (though I do have a dear creator letters tag that might give you even MORE ideas (because there aren't enough of those floating around). And if you want to see what I like to read and write, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin at the AO3, and here are my bookmarks.

My original sign-up for posterity. )


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