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Rules: go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

Yeah, so I have 4 WIPs over 7 pages long, and I'm posting all of them, dammit. Also not tagging anyone - play along if you like. <3

The Grace Machine

"Metatron underestimated you," Cas says, staring at Sam like he's an abomination. He hasn't done that since they first met, back when Sam really had been an abomination. Maybe he is again. The way Dean's looking at him is plenty mistrustful enough for that to be the case.

"The grace would've killed an ordinary human – or even a normal angel's vessel. But you were a vessel for an archangel, one of the four most powerful ever created. You have demon blood as well, which helps you heal and strengthens you."
Fake Marriage Wincestiel

The honeymoon suite is huge – perfect headquarters for their hunt. It's nice, Sam supposes, though he's never been on a cruise before and isn't quite sure what non-honeymoon accommodations look like.

He and Cas unpack, Cas carefully folding and hanging their clothes (weird – this whole thing is just so weird) and Sam piling the reference books onto one of the coffee tables in the living room.

He's just finished putting up the pictures and articles on the wall across from the gigantic TV when there's a knock on the door and Charlie and Dean sweep in.

"Sweet!" Charlie says, scoping the place out and whistling when she sees the gigantic tub, complete with bubbling jets. It's still not big enough to fit Sam without scrunching up a bit, but it's big enough that it might be worth a try. "I'm coming over to borrow your tub," Charlie says, and Cas looks at Sam like he's not sure that can actually be done.
The Road Less Traveled

"Like crap," Sam croaks, and Dean automatically picks up the cup of water that's been sitting next to the bed since they brought Sam back from the CT scan. Sam takes the straw into his mouth and gulps it down greedily, not even reaching for the cup, just letting Dean hold it for him.

"You took one hell of a beating," Dad says, and damn if that isn't pride in his voice. Sam's good on offense, with his recently-long arms, but he's still skinny enough that getting pounded is not something he takes too well. The swelling on his face is still pretty bad, but the fact that he's getting whole words out is a relief.

"Yes, sir," Sam answers when he finishes the whole glass of water. Dean pours another and offers it, but Sam shakes his head, aborting mid-shake and wincing.

"The police are here," Dean says, glancing at Dad before raising his eyebrows at Sam.
Jensen is bi RPF

"What the hell was he thinking when they filmed this?"

"Who knows. Directors are weird." There are several more scenes of Dean and Cas making eyes at each other, and Gen remembers those, though they didn't seem quite so sexual at the time. Pulling them out of context and lining them all up together, she has to say the Destiel fans have a case.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Danneel asks.

"I think so," Gen says. "But don't sweat it. I've been watching since season four, and I remember all this, but none of it seemed that sexual in context."

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Thanks for posting!
They will be lovely, I'm sure!


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