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1/6/16 11:30 pm
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Yeah, it's coming. Gimme a minute. <3

Okay, so, I'm late. And... having done the assignments already, I know who you are. (sorry!)

So I'm going to keep this sleek and trimmed down, and hopefully give you good ideas. If not - here is my dear creator letters tag and my make this for me tag. I'm super easy, and there has got to be SOMETHING in there that sparks an idea! Also, hit me up in chat and I'll spew things at you until something sticks.

But here, a few prompts and ideas:

1. Losers AUs. Give me the Losers at Hogwarts or on the bridge of the Enterprise or as a Leverage-like team! The Losers with superpowers, the Losers on a tall ship, the losers as pirates or ninjas or cats. Or hedgies or bunnies or elephants! HUNTERS (a la Supernatural) or angels or monsters that fight crime. GIVE ME ALL THE AUs!

2. Canon forks. Roque doesn't betray them! Cougar doesn't die (comics 'verse)! Aisha slots right in as part of the team! The snuke goes off!

3. Ridiculous cute fluff! Cougar takes care of Jensen when he's sick! Clay warms Roque up when he's cold! They all surround Pooch when he misses his wife! Aisha cooks for them all after a tough mission!

4. Cheesy, cheesy tropes! Jensen has amnesia! Cougar and Jensen have to go undercover as gay! Cougar, Roque, and Aisha accidentally adopt a kid! Aisha has an evil twin! Cougar goes through Groundhog Day until Jensen falls in love with him! THE TEAM ARE ALL SOULMATES!!!!

Hopefully that is something to work with. If not, poke me, and I will come up with more. <333


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