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1/1/16 09:46 pm
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DUUUUUUUUUUUDE. This is the best idea EVER. 300 words or a sketch not on lined paper. Plus the ability to write treats. Sign-ups through January 7th.

First off, thank you! Thank you so much for making me a something! I love everything, fic and art and macaroni sculpture, seriously, you can do no wrong by me. I don't actually have a lot to add to the actual prompts, though, so I guess I'm just listing them here for your convenience? I'll make ETAs if I think of anything on any of them. Oh, for... other stuff, I am happy with any genre, rating, trope, happy, sad, death, fluff, whatever. I LOVE IT ALL. Except character bashing - please none of that. :)

Sam/Castiel: Something cute! Mostly I want the two of them to be stupidly happy together, and I want to wrap them both in blankets and feed them hot chocolate and cookies, so I like stories where they're happy together, or happy because of each other. Alternatively, I love them being kind of awkward with each other, like they can be. I love AUs for Sastiel - the only AUs I really care for in SPN, so them at Hogwarts or them as Olympic swimmers or them as chefs in a Michelin rated restaurant. Whatever catches your fancy, just go with cute and fuzzy and fun.

Sam & Dean: Brothers being brothers. I love them just being doofuses together, screwing around between cases or when they were kids, maybe spending time together on the road in Baby. Alternatively, one of them taking care of the other, either through a nasty bout of the flu or after a case or even after Hell.

Lucifer/Sam: Lucifer really *is* grateful for Sam saying yes. ETA: I wouldn't mind dark and/or creepy on this one.

Sam/Dean, Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas: Wincestiel is the ship of my heart. Any way you can smush these guys together would be awesome. I love the idea of V relationships centered on Cas or the brothers being together and bringing Cas in, or Sastiel or Destiel where they add the other brother to the mix, or where all three of the idiots just figure it out together.... any way to mix these relationships into a threesome would be my favorite.

The Librarians
Cassandra/Ezekiel/Jake: Puppy pile! Or porny puppy pile! Just, the three of them together being team/family/lovers/WHATEVER.

Cassandra/Lamia: That alternate universe where Lamia was Cassandra's.... follower? Whatever. THEY WERE TOTALLY DOING IT. I want that story/art sooooooooooooooooooo bad.

Hardison/Parker/Eliot: OT3 of my heart! Literally anything for these three. Post-series, the first time Hardison and Parker bring Eliot in, outside POV of the three of them.... anything.

Sophie/Tara: Yummy. I can go with either them grifting together as friends (like that episode) or together together, pre-series, running around grifting together and having lots of really great sex...

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Phryne/Mac: Oh, show me that fling they had way back when, after which they decided to be besties instead of lovers?

Phryne & Mac OR Phryne & Dot (or hey, Phryne & Mac & Dot, why not?): Ladies being awesome! Or just hanging out together at the beach. Shopping, holidays at home, going to the theater, just the two of them being together.
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