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I have no idea if Supernatural folks do this, but I like to write letters, and I cribbed most of what I wrote from my last sign-up anyway, which is what I'm going to do with this letter. So here you go.

Hallo dear creator!

So, you may be able to tell from my sign-up that I am totally the easiest recipient ever. No, really. You're making something for me. I already love it.

Rule number one is that you enjoy what you're making. If you love what you're doing, I'm going to love it too, I guarantee it. If nothing in my sign-up or blathering below interests you, throw it all out the window and make whatever the heck you feel like!

I don't really have a lot to add to my sign-up, honestly, it was pretty long as it is. I seem to be a bit of a unicorn in that I really love all the pairings with the boys. I like Wincest, early seasons or later, I love Destiel, because it's just so easy, I love Sam/Cas because they're such an odd couple and it takes some work to get them together, and I love Wincestiel most of all, because my answer when I can't decide on an OTP is to smush them all together.

I also love gen and character-based stuff, especially minor or secondary characters: Charlie, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Meg, Ruby, Jody, Donna, Bobby, Chuck, Garth, Kevin, Kevin's mom, Samandriel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Death, Naomi, Gadreel, and I'm sure others that aren't coming to mind.

No character bashing please! I totally get it if you like Wincest and hate the angels, or love Destiel but don't much care for Sam. But in that case, please just leave the character out rather than killing them needlessly or putting them through the torture mill.

I'm seeing a lot of prompts in others' sign-ups that make me go: why didn't I ask for that?! So here, a list of things I forgot to mention that I enjoy a lot:

Snuggling for warmth
Protective Instincts
Winchesters as kids, weecest or just gen
Co-dependency where things aren't completely jacked because of it

Dub-con - especially when there is massive angst because of it (Dean and Sam are faves here - getting together because there's no other way out of a situation is one of my iron-clad kinks for Wincest)
Evil!Sam, Demon!Dean, Badass!Castiel
Sam being extra-competent, Dean getting beat up, and Cas being mulishly defiant
Co-dependency where things are completely jacked because of it

One last logistical note: If you're looking for me, I'm actually over on dreamwidth at [personal profile] kate, but there's not a lot about Supernatural there (though I do have both a supernatural tag and a dear creator letters tag that might give you even MORE ideas (because there aren't enough of those floating around). And if you want to see what I like to read and write, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin at the AO3, and here are my bookmarks.

LJ name: [livejournal.com profile] kisahawklin (that's me everywhere, should you like to find me on other platforms)
Contact email: kisahawklin@gmail.com

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? Writer
What sort of gift would you like? Anything would be great!

What pairings/characters would you like? Wincestiel is my favorite, but I also love Sam/Cas, Sam/Dean, and Dean/Cas. I love Jody, Donna, Charlie, Kevin, Gabriel, Bobby, Garth, Crowley, Rowena, Abaddon, Jo, Ellen, and Ash as secondary characters (alone or in any pairing).

What are your general 'likes'? I love so many things! Let's start with the stuff that hit the top of my list on that meme that went around recently: redemption (without dying!), found families, fake marriage, undercover as gay. I also love complex relationships, especially between the brothers, clever or odd crossovers, anything that makes me cry, first times (I'm a ridiculous romantic), dark and twisty stories, absolute fluff (especially around Sam), and just about everything except the few things in my don't likes below. I love badass!Castiel, overprotective!Dean, and competent!Sam. For art, I love everything, god, I suck at trying to pick favorites. I like character sketches (Sam in a ponytail is probably half of the art on my tumblr), wings, captured moments, lots of color or black and white, clean lines, undefined edges, chibis, just... everything. If it's art, I'll like it no matter what. For vids, I love a good match of mood and lyrics to theme, using the rhythm of the music to guide the rhythm of the vid, and everything from concept videos (ash48's hug video is a favorite) to alternate storytelling. Outside sources for additional material is always awesome, too.
What are your general 'dislikes'? Character bashing of any character, RPF, scat, AUs (I prefer canon, or canon forks). I prefer not ABO unless you take at least as much time on the worldbuilding, history, and politics of the world as the relationship building/sex.

What can you do? Wincestiel, Sam/Cas, Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean, any rating, most tropes and kinks (with exception of those in my can't do below)
What can you definitely not do? RPF, scat, mpreg, ABO unless you want me to write a sprawling novel about the politics and history of the world and almost definitely not get to the sexy parts because I've run out of time.

List up to five prompts:
1. Exploring the relationship of Cas as an angel and the Winchesters as vessels; I feel like the relationship there has so much potential. One of the Winchesters nearly dies and Cas has to envessel to heal him; using it as intimacy within an established relationship; as a throwback to when Cas pulled one or both of the out of hell; one of the Winchesters offering themselves as a vessel as a complete surrender to Cas. On the other side, Cas needing a vessel and negotiating a way to share consciousnesses with one of the Winchesters; using it as a way to control them; taking one over without the other knowing... so many cool possibilities.

2. The bunker! As a home base for the hunting community - a new Roadhouse/Bobby's; big holidays where any hunter nearby is invited for good food and good alcohol and a rest where they don't have to sleep with their eyes open; a headquarters for organizing hunters all over the U.S.; a high school/university, where the older hunters retire and teach the new guard.

3. Outside POV. Secondary or minor characters' take on the main characters, situations, relationships, cases, apocalypse, anything.

4. I'd love a vid concentrating on Dean as a demon - especially creative use of older footage to see how Dean might have always been heading this direction, and how maybe it had happened earlier than anyone might have guessed. Another vid I'd love to see is an alternate Season 7, where Cas stays God for a while. I so wanted that for S7, and finding a way to show what Cas-as-God would do from his available footage would be brilliant.

5. Wings! Wingfic and wingart are two of my favorite things. Give all of them surprise wings, have them play with Cas's, turn them into pegasus...es? Just, wings!
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