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January: Starting 2015 on the couch, watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and eating lucky sauerkraut
February: Owwwwwwwwwwww.
March: *looks around*
April: Hallo everyone!
May: Is spoiler etiquette not a thing any more?
June: Rough times.
July: Fucking hell.
August: Fuck, I really hate writing advice.
September: 30 days of fandom from [personal profile] escritoireazul
October: Warning: discussion of sick pet
November: Kitty/life update

Note from 2012: I think that what we've learned from this is that my subject lines are not particularly useful in this sort of meme.

Note from 2013: Better - and also kind of embarrassing.

Note from 2014: I think we're back to 2012, where I realize I just don't use the subject lines for descriptive information or anything fun or interesting, though November was pretty great.

Note from 2015: Wow, this post reminded me that 2015 can fucking SUCK IT. At least 2016 can't be any worse.


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