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That's fascinating, and I'm glad you were able to fix the wrong turn, with the readers' encouragement.
I've only ever written one serial, a novel-length epic in my first fandom, way back when. That was a serial-oriented fandom as well, and I was a newbie so tended to do what others did, and TBH I was on a mild high, as I'd discovered fandom for the first time and was in love with it. I wrote a chapter a week for about 28 chapters. I had a rough idea where I wanted it to go, but no outline, and I wrote each 3-5000 word chapter off the cuff each week. Most of that was due to ignorance and naievity, and I'd be far too terrified these days to attempt it, but like I said, I was in a slightly altered state. At the time I was kind of interested in the process, somewhat grandiosely likening it in my musings to Dickens writing his serialised novels, heh. Those were also the days before I knew about betas, although the site's mods betaed everything submitted to a minor degree. I think I was lucky that in the end the structure was reasonable, even if it was full of newbie fanwriter cliches and chapter-intro notes I now find embarrassing in the extreme! It's true that serials gather a lot more readers and fans, more comments, and more specific comments, and that's pretty heady. Someone even made a playlist for the fic :)
There's also nothing worse than an abandoned WIP, especially in sites unlike AO3 where you don't know that going in. I'd been burned a couple of times, so I was stubbornly determined to wrap it up and end it properly, and my fandom high lasted just long enough to get there.
I don't think I noticed lightning strikes more with the serial than in my other fics. I get them a bit anyway as I don't generally plan or outline all that much, so unexpected links, brainwaves and serendipity do at times happen. I was thinking of doing another serial in SGA, but as ever I got sidetracked and busy. Still might, but if so there'd be a lot of planning and outlining, even if I wrote each chapter on the hoof. I haven't your patience, to write a super long fic and get it fully completed before even posting, but I would want more of a road map, if I try it again.
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