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These are excellent points for how to protect yourself. Thanks for giving those.

And I agree about tags being a double-edged sword [insert more appropriate metaphor here, because that is JUST NOT RIGHT but I can't think of the correct one] because they are both warnings for those who want to protect themselves AND enticements for those who are looking for those things. I really like tags and how they help people make decisions about fic. It's just tough for me to figure out what tags to include, based on how much someone/thing is in a fic. If it's a potential trigger, it gets tagged no matter what. If it's an enticement, I don't want to put something on the fic that is for a tiny piece of the story and then have the person looking for that be disappointment (this is mostly for longer fics).

Yeah, I don't really understand the upset about what other people do with their stuff. It's their choice, yeah? And if someone's getting their nose out of joint about it, it says more about them than it does the author.
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