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I use Choose Not to Warn as a warning when I post, both because sometimes tagging the specifics would ruin the suspense/surprise and sometimes because I suspect that while nothing in the story triggers or squicks me and I can't think of a warning tag, there's stuff there that will bother someone.

I'm considering (if I ever finish and post something again) adding an author's note at the beginning in conjunction with the Choose Not to Warn, urging anyone with a potential trigger to contact me and ask about their trigger specifically. Not only would I happily answer, since I don't want reading my story to result in anything hurtful, but it may alert me to a trigger that I will add a warning for once I'm made aware of it.

Because it's true, fanfic isn't the same as books in print or even ebooks, and one of the ways it's better is the intersection of readers/writers and that you can always edit both your text and your tags.
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