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I find the whole warning system a bit flawed, really, because you can never, if you look at a group of warnings on a story, be certain that the story doesn't have your particular trigger in it. Anything can potentially be a trigger to someone out there and the author of the story might not even know that something could be problematic to someone. You just can't tell and you can't compile a list of every possible trigger out there or every possible squick or turn-off or anything. It would be unwieldy at best.

Warnings for more common ones, character death or abuse or violence or, I don't know, eating disorders, those are fine, but you just can't cover everything.

'Choose not to warn' is, in my opinion, a warning in itself really, and sometimes it's used because the author feels that warning against something in the story gives important plot points away, so if someone with actual problems with triggers reads it and is triggered, well, honestly I feel it is a bit their own stupid fault and it doesn't give them any right to behave rudely towards the author. Like you said, they could have asked someone to check it first for them. Perhaps they could even have contacted the author about it. At the same time, though, I agree that it can be an understandable knee-jerk reaction for the person who was triggered, and although it can be hurtful, authors would do well to try and remember that it's not so much a flame as it's evidence of someone who was accidentally made to feel very uncomfortable and treat it as the misunderstanding it is. Like you did, really, when you eventually decided to add the tag for that particular warning in your story.

I think I've just reached the conclusion that I'm in two minds about the whole thing, really...
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