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I don't have triggers but I do have some squicks that are hardcore. FWIW, they tend to be mostly associated with darker fic (character death, for example). Like you said on this post, a quick glance at the tags does give me a clearer idea of whether or not I can handle something that's been tagged "Choose Not To Warn".

If it's Bandom fic, then I ask my BFF to read it (like you, she had very few squicks and no triggers) and then give me any/all warnings I need.

Things got v. interesting for me when I got into MCU. Basically because, for the most part, I had no one checking fics for me (my BFF didn't fall for MCU's charm as much as I tried, LOL!). My compromise, if I'm still unsure about the story, is to scan the comments. I don't mind being spoiled because I have tons and tons of fic bookmarked to read so I won't remember any spoilers. A bonus is that I get to make sure that I'll enjoy the fic too.

As far as my own writing, I do tag for things that I know might be squicky or triggery to people. The way I see it, just like there are fic readers who might not like a type of kink or trope, there are others who do. If I tag it, those who don't like it will avoid it and those who do will find it.

Also, yeah, I think I read an average of 1 book for every 20 fics I read? What's super fascinating to me is that there's A BIG crossover between fic and profic going on since the past 3 years or so (at least in the M/M genre). Tropes such as pretend dating and knotting have begun to pop up in enough books for me to notice. Also, some publishers are going as far as acknowledging that XYZ book is based on a fic in ABC fandom.

FTR, I do know some people (who aren't in Fandom) that have always been outraged at fic writers daring to sell their stories by filing down the serial numbers. A good story is a good story, imho so I simple roll my eyes.
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