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Okay, I never do well with these write a thing every day sort of things, but I will try to at least answer them, though who knows what kind of schedule I'll be on.

1 – How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?
2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.
3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?
4 – Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the fic isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse?
5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?
6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?
7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character?
8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not Mary Sues, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs.
9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?
10 – Pairings – Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone and written a pairing you liked, but found you couldn't write, or a pairing you didn't like, and found you could?
11 – Genre – do you prefer certain genres of fic when you're writing? What kind do you tend to write most?
12 – Have you ever attempted an "adaptation" fic of a favorite book or movie but set in a different fandom?
13 – Do you prefer canon or fanon when you write? Has writing fanfic for a fandom changed the way you see some or even all of the original source material?
14 – Ratings – how high are you comfortable with going? Have you ever written higher? If you're comfortable with NC-17, have you ever been shocked by finding that the story you're writing is G-rated instead?
15 – Warnings – What do you feel it most important to warn for, and what's the strangest thing you've warned for in a fic?
16 – Summaries – Do you like them or hate them? How do you come up with them, if you use them?
17 – Titles – Are they the bane of your existence, or the easiest part of the fic? Also, if you do chaptered fic, do you give each chapter a title, or not?
18 – Where do you get the most inspiration for your fics (aka "bunnies") from?
19 – When you have bunnies, do you sit down and start writing right away, or do you write down the idea for further use?
20 – Do you ever get bunnied from other people's stories or art in the same fandom?
21 – Sequels – Have you ever written a sequel to a fic you wrote, and if so, why, and if not, how do you feel about sequels?
22 – Have you ever participated in a fest or a Big Bang? If so, write about your favorite experience in relation to one. If not, are there any you've thought about doing? And if not, why not?
23 – When you post, where do you post to? Just your journal? Just an archive? Your own personal site?
24 – Betaing – How many betas do you like to use to make sure there aren't any major flaws in your fic? Do you have a Beta horror story or dream story?
25 – Music – Do you listen to music while you write? Do you make playlists to get into a certain "mood" to write your fic? Do you need noise in general? Or do you need it completely quiet?
26 – What is the oddest (or funniest) thing you've had to research for a fic?
27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?
28 – Have you ever collaborated with anyone else, whether writing together, or having an artist work on a piece about your fic?
29 – What is your current project or projects?
30 – Do you have a favorite fic you've written? What makes it your favorite? And don't forget to give us a link!

Day 1: How did you first get into writing fanfic, and what was the first fandom you wrote for? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?

Oh, dear. Nothing survives of my original foray into fanfic (an angsty Fonzie deathfic written when I was 5), and I've been fanficcing pretty consistently since then. I had long, involved, self-insert fic about Star Wars (never written down), and bigtime crossover fanfic from my teenage years where I had a speakeasy for weary celebrities where they could just be normal people. It went away briefly as I got into my studies at college, but I was back at it by the time I was working on my Masters, this time writing reader/Brendan Fraser RPF. (Which made me really uncomfortable at the time because I really liked his wife. (I wrote reader/Brendan doing Tai Chi together... it was quite lovely, actually, but has been lost to the sands of time.)) I wrote a few Buffy/Spike tidbits that were never finished nor shared.

Buffy was my gateway drug into reading fic and also into slash. The first one I read was Xander/Spike, because I looked at it and went, "Huh??!?! How does that work?" And then I was lost to the Angel(us)/Spike slash forever (still reading Spike/Buffy, Spike/Xander, and Spike/Willow from time to time). But even though I wrote some fic of my own, I didn't really put it out there. I only knew one person who did, and it was weird. I remember being weirded out by knowing someone who wrote fanfic - and I never read any of hers. (I cannot remember where I found my stories back then - I really wish I could, it must have been an archive of some sort or another, it wasn't housed on a journaling site and I couldn't name a single author - I'm pretty sure I thought the stories were magically created by elves or something.)

Then came Lord of the Rings. Back when I'd read LOTR, I'd done the same thing with it that I had with Star Wars - write an elaborate self-insert story in my head. I realized, too, that I might want to actually write the story down, so I shifted things around and sort of moved the plot and created a few elements of worldbuilding (going so far as to roleplay battles D&D style - with dice and everything!), thinking, I don't know what. That I would write a LOTR-knockoff and it would be amazing (or something). But then I met a bunch of other fans (that was the true start of the bleed of my social fannish life from completely internet to a mix of RL and internet). I went on to meet a group of Buffy fans, too, and that was how I ended up meeting a lot of my earliest fannish friends. Looking for fic in LOTR, though, I found Livejournal. And that was the start of a whole new leg of my journey. Suddenly I was following people for their stories but finding out more about them, becoming friends with them! It was madness! These regular people wrote stories! Who did that!?

And I never did write LOTR - not for years and years. I was friends with too many really excellent LOTR authors to stick my noob hat into that ring. But then in November 2004, a movie came out that inspired me to write. Alexander, with Colin Farrell and Jared Leto. I had been writing (I've never stopped writing, not really - and I'd started trying to write fairly regularly somewhere in 2001, just putting the stories that were always going through my brain onto paper) - a massive post-canon Where the Day Takes You fanfic with a fannish friend that basically turned into original fic (Vampire Greg is what we called it, as we had no title).). I'd been working on that for a while when I started my first fannish gift. A half Alexander, half Alexander RPF fic. It's what I have in the AO3 as my "first" fanfic. It's close enough, I suppose. It's the first one that's ever been posted for a wide audience. I finished it as a Christmas gift for a fannish friend that became a girlfriend for a little while.

I remember one of those LOTR authors betaing that story for me (she'd read some of my Vampire Greg stuff and found it lacking) and saying "I didn't know you could write like that." And boom, just like that, my addiction for writing fanfic was born.

So anyway, that's a complete non-answer to the "which fandom" part of the question, and I'm not really going to answer the other part, either, because I don't honestly think it had anything to do with the media, at that time. It had to do with my fandom friends. And it still does, a lot of the time. I think the reason I stuck with SGA so long was definitely because of the fandom, since I can't even watch the episodes anymore. That was a sad, sad thing to find out.

These days, things are just a little bit different. I have a few fannish friends in SPN, and I appreciate their support very much (you know who you are), but I've gotten to the point where I have stories to tell, and it's the stories themselves that keep me going. There are other forces at work - if the canon or fandom goes wonky (or my feelings toward it go cold), that will affect my desire to work on things - but mostly I want to tell the stories I have lurking in my brain, and I'll probably keep doing that forever, no matter the fandom.
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