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I think it's safe. *weary smile*

There was a thing. It's not a thing I'm going to talk about because I just... ugh. I don't want to. But suffice it to say, people found me, and there was wankiness (not RL people, have no fear), and I needed to get away for a little while. Now I have the dreary task of un-friendslocking appropriate posts, which just sucks. I'll get to it eventually, but it's not something I'm interested in doing right now.

So on top of the thing, there's been a work thing. I was working at client #1, and client #2 (an old client of mine that was convinced they would implode if they could not have me back (I'm not kidding)) convinced my bosses that they needed me.

So, I was informed on a Friday that on Monday, the dude at client #2 and I would spend 2 days at client #2, where he handed over all his work to me (dumping 26 grants on me the week before a deadline was a massive fucking clusterfuck) and then we would spend 2 days at client #1, where I trained him on all my work (which, uh, took roughly an hour, and I spent the rest of my days pulling my hair out while I tried to do everything I needed to do for those 26 grants at client #1 (and which dude had fucked up massively, so I had to re-do all of his work)). It was a shitty week. And because it's deadline season, it just kept coming for the next six weeks. The last major deadline is Monday, and then I should be able to concentrate on my big projects and be ready to roll off at the end of March.

Also, tumblr. I have all kinds of things to say about it, but when people are like: it's totally mindless and easy, you just scroll down all the pretty pictures... yeah. That's pretty much it. It's really easy on my very tired brainmeats. I've spent some time cultivating my dash, so it's mostly stuff and/or people I like, so that's good. I'm on the very edges of SPN wank, so I hear about it but I don't get involved in it. Blocking posts is a beautiful thing, as is blacklisting. I'm kisahawklin over there if any of you would like to find me - but if you follow me and aren't into SPN, be sure to blacklist the supernatural tag. I will ALWAYS tag because OMG untagged posts make me want to claw my eyes out. (I am SO SPOILED for the back half of this season I could scream.)

ION, I am writing okay. Plenty of words ahead of my goal for the year, though I need to stop writing tags for my last bang and get working on my next one.

How's things, dwircle?
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