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...right now, I do not have anything left in the gas tank for getting that frustration out (I have to get through another 60-70 hour work week and then my nephews are down for the weekend). Just... yeah. So many feels.

I also have several pictures and links of amusing things that I've not gotten to posting, and I've written fic I haven't said anything about over here.

Just too much on my plate right now. Less stressful than last week, but not by much, and next week is right back on that stress treadmill, the week after should be an absolute nightmare. Found out yesterday that not only am I not rolling off this gig in mid-November, I might actually be there through the end of the year. At this point, I'm thinking Cornell won't even want me when I become available, and I'll miss out completely on being there, which would absolutely suck. Fuck this place, I'm so done with it.

So any way, that's the state of me. Good thing: I am writing in the mornings because the stress isn't allowing me to get full nights of sleep. That's one way to get the words out, I guess.


10/20/14 10:46 pm
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A no good, very bad last week.

A no good, extremely bad day.

Cranky Kate is cranky about everything. Nothing is right. No one posted a fic I actually want to read and everyone everywhere is being stupid, on purpose, JUST TO ANNOY ME.

I'm so tired. I'm so sick of this job and this client and nearly everything.

/pity party

Now I've annoyed myself. Bedtime. Hopefully whatever this is passes tonight. I hope you are all doing much, much better than I am right now. ♥
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--- My brother missed his flight this morning, which means he'll be getting in too late for me to pick him up so he has to get a rental car.

--- The 20 hour/week cap I'm supposed to have on this sponsor does not seem to be happening so well, so I have work to do right now (before I leave in a couple hours, ack) that I was planning to do next week.

++-+ A friend of mine from Hopkins emailed saying she's looking for interim staffing. I gave her some advice, and offered to hook her up with my boss to talk numbers. He asked me if I wanted to do it (OMG YESYESYESYES) but I was fully staffed (technically - I'm not getting anywhere near my 40 billable hours, which makes me look bad). I talked to my boss of the other two gigs and begged for them to allow me to be staffed 150% so they could offer my services specifically, which I think would sell the project. There are a few snags with the Hopkins system, but I may be working part-time in Baltimore soon! :D :D :D And 150% at work, which means crazy hours. D: D: D:

--- Jeeves has been acting a little weird for a while. About a week and a half ago, he started this leaning thing, where he sort of leaned to the left, and walked to the left, and looked to the left. It freaked me out because it looked neurological. We let it go for a little bit because we thought maybe it was some weird hairball thing, that he was just favoring that side. Then he started walking in circles to the left. He can sort of walk a straight line (though he veers left, and if there's a doorway, he goes in it and has to turn in a circle to the left to get out of it) but he seems distressed, and goes in circles for quite a while like he can't decide what to do. We brought him to the vet yesterday and they told us it was, indeed, neurological. They did blood work that said it's not an infection, so that's sort of good. The bad is that then it's probably genetic (or related to a trauma we didn't see) and while the prednisone they gave us will help some, or maybe even clear this up, we are going to have to start watching him much more closely. :(

+++ Surprise DCI last night - saw a Fathom Events email and remembered the quarter-finals were last night. After dropping [personal profile] soleta and Jeeves at home, went out and spent the night watching drum corps. *sigh* I love that shit, and holy cow, they were AMAZING this year. I have lots of notes I'll type up when I magically get some downtime.

--- Two nights of less than 4 hours of good sleep followed by several really crappy, really interrupted hours of not-really-sleep means I'm a cranky baby.

+-+ Tonight the sisters are getting a picture as a gift for mom's 80th birthday party (tomorrow) and I'm cranky about that, too, because I wanted to do it for Mother's day (which I thought would've been more appropriate) but they didn't get their shit together. :( Still, having a new sisters picture is going to be nice.

--- [personal profile] soleta has to stay home with Jeeves to give him medicine, so she won't be coming to mom's party.

--- [personal profile] soleta was going to make mini-Betsy buns we were going to fill with different salads... that's not happening now (between yesterday with Jeeves and DCI and today with David missing his flight and me having work), and I don't know what the hell I'm going to bring. Probably shit we don't have to make, unless David gets ambitious tomorrow morning - BUT I AM SLEEPING IN, DAMMIT.

--- Gotta get this work done, shower, and get on the road to make the photo appointment.
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So one of the things I love about Macs is how (for me) they are so very intuitive. They just... do what I want them to do. They make sense with the way my brain works. (I can work a Windows machine well enough, but I'm never going to do anything super fancy with my computers, and basically I just want them to work in a way that makes my brain happy. Macs do that. Also, I am not curious about the inner workings of my computer, so I'm happy to let it do a lot of the thinking for me.)

Aaaaaaaanyway... I've decided to start trying to do stuff in iMovie as a prelude to (maaaaaaaaaybe) vidding.

And the first thing I've decided to do is to clip my favorite dances from So You Think You Can Dance into one giant "Kate's favorite" file, so I can watch it whenever I want dancing. (I will probably include Robot Love Story from LXD, too, because :DDDDDDD MADD CHADD.)

So I had my eps lined up with notes on where the clips I wanted were, and I opened iMovie, and I got a project started, and I imported the first ep into my library and... I cannot figure out how to cut it. Like, at all. I have tried everything I could think of. I googled tutorials. When I asked for "beginner" the internet said: "I do not think that word means what you think it means."

So then I tried "for idiots" because now I feel about three inches tall, and guess what. There are apparently no impolite people on the internet because there is not one "idiot's guide" in all of the listings. I just get the same tutorials that I got for "beginner." Which is frustrating, because when I go through the "this is how you open the program" and "this is how you start a new project" and am all *eyeroll* because THAT shit I can figure out... then the guys are all like "so you just grab this clip here and put it in!" and I say: HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GRAB THAT? My screen does not look like that. It does not do that (and yes, I checked the versions etc.).

5-year-olds do this shit with their eyes closed and I cannot actually clip one little bit of a longer movie. I feel so incredibly fucking stupid and old right now. And yes, I'm weepy (at least partially because it's that time of the month). So I'll be over here, doing something I know I can do: writing. Possibly on paper with a pen because holy shit I do not feel like looking at a computer right now.

Please note: While I'm leaving comments on because I am not *that* fragile a blossom, I don't actually want help with this. Help will not lessen my frustration (it will in fact increase it). I have calmly set aside the program (if you know me, you know this is an impressive feat (because it did not result in my computer being thrown across the room)) and will leave it alone until I can get home to my wife and have her watch things over my shoulder. I don't want to think about this anymore. I'm not giving up permanently, I am just giving up for the week. Thanks.

Oh hell no.

1/31/14 06:44 pm
So, Southwest took it upon themselves to cancel my ticket because the back half of the flight was cancelled. I tried board the plane and they said, "uh, nope, your ticket isn't valid."

Uh, fuck you? Seriously, I have slogged through 53 hours of work this week (SO FAR - I have to work tomorrow and will likely work Sunday, too) and then you fucking cancel my ticket without even ASKING me? They will be getting a SUPER nasty email about this one.

I am on the plane, but I am VERY VERY UNHAPPY and want to yell at someone.

Also, it fucking stinks in here - like oil and grease and garage smells. ICK.

ETA: And also, the plane didn't have fucking wifi - I wrote this borrowing wifi from the next plane over. >:(
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Last week, the second half of my flight (St. Louis - Chicago) was cancelled.

I drove 6 hours home through a blizzard.

Guess what? The same flight is cancelled again this week. So I've just made my rental car reservation and I'll be doing it again.

Help me out? To keep myself awake, I'm going to talk to myself (or maybe you guys). Give me some topics? Y'all might get some audio responses to the writing meme I just posted.
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The upcoming topics list for my Women's iMatter group includes:

Exploring the Male Perspecive


Uh, NO THANKS. I live with the male perspective all the time in my work, in my life, and everywhere. Why the hell do I need to even talk about it anymore, ever? Bleh.

(Just a caveat here: I am not a person who hates men. It's just this is a group for, by, and about women. I don't want to talk about men in that environment, and I don't really think it's appropriate. I also don't trust it not to be a huge self-oppression fest.)
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Waiting for an interview call in 14 minutes (not sure how I'm going to do that considering how much my throat hurts and how I can't say more than three words without coughing), but I was going through my work email and one of the things we have is a subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Cut for mentions of sexual assault and food monitoring. )

ETA: Fuck. I set out to bomb the interview and I think that even hemming and hawing and downplaying my expertise, they really liked me. At least they'll have low expectations?
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Had a lovely little post put together and it got eaten. That hasn't happened in a really long time, and I'm not in the mood to recreate, so, sorry. Maybe later. <3
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One exception: if you are very specifically using one to distance yourself from the character and use the epithet as a descriptor for THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT IN TIME, okay. Maybe. I still might cringe, but if that's the only time you use one, I will probably let it pass. Or not even notice.

IF YOU USE EPITHETS BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU ARE USING THE CHARACTERS' NAMES TOO MUCH IN ONE SENTENCE/PARAGRAPH/FIC? Stop. Don't. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON'T. Using "the taller man" or "the petite woman" or "the blonde" or "the hunter" or "the green-eyed lady" is HORRIFYING. You can write everything else in the world beautifully, but if you use the phrase "the eldest Winchester" I am going to back right the hell out of your fic. UGH. I cannot express how distracting and awful I find epithets. SO DISTRACTING. SO AWFUL.

I want to like this fic. I do. It's fluffy Dean/Cas fic involving Disney movies. BUT NO. "The eldest Winchester," "the hunter" (twice - which, considering the Winchester household is only acceptable because Sam isn't in the room), "the dark-haired man" (YES BECAUSE THERE'S ONLY ONE OF THOSE IN SUPERNATURAL), "giant of a Winchester" (because apparently saying Sam more than twice in a fic about Dean/Cas would be TOO MUCH), "ex-angel," (at least twice - this is where I finally gave up and back-buttoned out). SERIOUSLY THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL ME WITH EPITHETS.

Please. I am begging you. Don't use them. Your writing will be better for it.
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--- Work thing that is too exhausting to even fucking think about. Maybe in another post when I can type it out without going postal.

++- Work thing that went well and confirmed my faith in my abilities, proved to me my colleagues are full of shit, and made me look really, REALLY good in front of the client (but probably made it a bit too obvious how inappropriate the other two consultants are (my "bosses")).

-+- Work. Nearly twelve hours of work.

--- Proposal due at 5pm shows up at 4:45pm. FUN TIMES.

--- Commons takes half an hour for submitted proposals to show up.

+++ 4500 words produced (so far) over the last two days in response to a prompt for [personal profile] clavally (of course).

--- Left work in a hurry to get to the hotel in time for Agents of SHIELD.

Agents of SHIELD spoilers )

--- Because I left work in a hurry, I had to order dinner in. The place I usually order from has stopped delivering.

--- Tried new sushi/teriyaki place. Got both in case one was horrible. BOTH were horrible.

Supernatural spoilers )

--- The dudes in the room next to me are fighting. At the top of their voices.

--- Took a shower to relax. It was a horrible shower with no water pressure or volume.

+++ I am in bed. Going to look at my fic and see if I'm going to be able to put something up for [community profile] episodic_supernatural's tagathon tonight or if I'm going to have to exercise not-quite-modly privileges to extend the challenge to tomorrow.

Good night, lovies. Hope you are warm and safe and having a better night than me. <3
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Dropped out of [livejournal.com profile] wincestielbb13 because the story I started was too long and I couldn't come up with another idea that was a) really only 15k long (which is both the minimum word limit and all I'd be able to write before these were due) and b) interesting enough to me to write and/or in character.

I feel like shit. I feel like a complete and utter failure. I know I say this every time, but please, if you love me, remind me: DO NOT SIGN UP FOR LONG FIC FESTS. I will just be miserable when I don't make it.
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So, I just got in to LAX, and I grab a cab, same as I've been doing for the last seven months and tell the guy the name of my hotel. My cab fares are anywhere from $40 - $55 depending on how good the cabbie is and/or how bad the traffic is.

This guy says, "Downtown or freeway?" And I answer, "I don't care." Because I don't. The money doesn't matter to me, the time does. (I've never actually been taken on surface streets, oh ever, though, so I assume that the freeway is faster.) He says, "well, freeway is more expensive." And I'm all, "I don't care."

Then he says, "Surface streets will be $50-60, freeway would be $70-80." And then I say - "Then you have a problem. Because I do this every week and I have never had a higher fare than $55." And he still doesn't seem to get that I'm not some tourist who's never been to L.A. and says, "So, downtown, yes?" And I answer again, "I don't care. We will only have a problem if you take me a way that I know is not directly to Westwood."

And then he seems to get it and says, "Oh, Westwood? I thought you said Hollywood." And proceeds to get on the freeway.
So, this hotel, the W Westwood - I swear to god they are run by people specifically designed to piss me off. We had a whole ~incident~ about a month ago where I just let them all have it because JESUS CHRIST THIS ISN'T FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE.



Cut for length and lots - I mean it, LOTS - of swearing. )

Ugh, moving.

6/11/13 02:18 pm
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So, the truck was $100 more than expected, the movers took twice as long as scheduled, so that was an extra $190, and then the cleaners decided this was a final clean and are charging us extra (even though they did less than a normal clean, not more), and 1/2 tank of gas for the truck was $91... I'm getting a little worried about our cash flow here. We had enough for the move and a couple hundred extra; I was counting on a supplement from work (should've been $300) but that didn't come through, and yeah. This sucks.

Also, yesterday with the all the shit we had to do, OMG. Load up the truck with Goodwill stuff (HALF FULL, OMG), drop off the cable box, find out the Goodwill next to the cable place is closed, dammit, have to drive all over town to the next one, get an old guy that means basically that I am moving all the stuff out of the truck, too, and then get back to the apartment 1/2 late for the movers (they didn't charge us for that time, thankfully).

Then four hours of packing the remnants up so the movers can stuff it all into the truck (I am dubious of their skill, having moved the truck back into position today and heard things clunking around back there), and two more hours of painting the two areas of the apartment we painted when we moved in.

THEN, today we have the cleaning girl in, who calls her boss because we're moving, and it's supposed to be an extra special moving clean or some shit, and we've still got shit strewn everywhere (and we had painting stuff out because we had to do another coat). So we had to cycle shit through rooms so she could clean, and now we're down to the last last crap (putting a post up on craiglist and freecycle for a bunch of crap we can't fit in the truck - which I'm going to take apart and repack to fit the dozen or so more boxes we still have to pack). Need to get to Waukegan by 3pm tomorrow; I have a hotel reserved in Indianapolis that I'm not sure we'll even get to.

Thank god I took PTO for the whole week. If I had to work halftime from home like I originally planned, I think I would've killed myself already.
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So last night I dreamt that [personal profile] soleta and I were in a Joss Whedon movie. I'm almost positive it was Joss; it was at the very least someone I trusted pretty thoroughly wrt QUILTBAG issues etc. (and I know Joss isn't perfect, I just have a fair amount of faith in him).

So [personal profile] soleta was the star of the movie and we were just... doing something. Like, walking somewhere. And the overdub said "The gay hero does" something or other. And we sort of flipped off the sky because, dude, being gay had nothing at all to do with what was going on at the moment. (It was a kind of actiony movie, and I think it was pretty much a Supernatural movie because there were tablets and angels and demons.)

So as the movie went on, there was this thing [personal profile] soleta could do with the tablet, where she could call angels from wherever they were to fight on her behalf wherever *she* was, and we got in trouble - not us, but friends of ours who were helping, and she called on the angels who of course came and saved them, but it turns out they were called out of some huge important battle elsewhere that was then lost to the demons and the whole world went into the toilet. And the overdub voice came over again, something about how gay love caused the apocalypse or something like that, and I woke up then, because I was clenching my teeth so tightly the entire side of my face hurt. My jaw still hurts now, and I've taken a truckload of painkillers.

Sometimes, I hate my brain. That sucked, so much.
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Late night last night (thank you, [personal profile] clavally for showing me my ignorance in the ways of oh-so-young-and-pretty Jared and Jensen). Jeez, Jensen was prettier than most of the women he was onscreen with.

But anyway, I get in this morning with my bitter, bitter Starbucks coffee and sit down to my first application, one to Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and google them to find the application instructions.

Of course what comes up is the organization site itself, a number of other things about the organization, and Reform CCHD Now, with the tagline For the past three years, Reform CCHD Now (RCN) has investigated organizations receiving funds from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Well! That is always interesting to me, so I click on the site. And the opening paragraph is:

Since 2009, we have been working to shine the light on the problem of Catholic funds going to organizations that promote abortion, birth control, homosexuality and even Marxism.

And okay then. That’s my childhood religion, yo. I spent twelve years in Catholic school, being an exceptionally good Catholic girl. And now many churches of that religion wouldn’t let me in the door.

It shouldn’t bother me. I’m no longer Catholic (recovering Catholic, I sometimes say) and people and religions are free to believe what they want and act according to those beliefs. But it will always floor me, the thoughtless dismissal of me as a human being, and it hurts like hell coming from something I had such faith in.

ETA: I don't think all Catholics or even all people of power within the Catholic church feel I'm less than human. It's just one of those things that hits suddenly and deeply. I am actually heartened by the fact that RCN exists because it means that CCHD is supporting organizations that help LGBTQ people, support abortions, and apparently, Marxists.
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Well, my flight is about 30 minutes late, because a passenger got into it with a flight attendant about turning off her cell phone. We were taxiing to the runway and actually had to get out of line and drive back to the gate, so the argumentative party could be offboarded. By 2 air marshalls, 7 police officers, and 4 firemen. Yeah, really really. The only explanation we got over the loudspeakers was the pilot saying we could not take off if we weren't in compliance with FAA regulations, and a flight attendant basically giving us a political answer that didn't really tell us anything.

The passengers clapped when she was removed from the plane (this including the two dudes I saw on their cell phones while she was arguing with the flight attendant. Hypocrites much?).

So anyway - if you're going to be defiant about your cell phone or electronics, do it sneakily, at least. And don't piss off the flight attendants.
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I knew a lot of people there, and I'm just holding my breath for word. Hoping you and all your loved ones are safe.

ETA: Everyone I can check on is safe and sound. Deep breaths. Also, a lovely post on what you can do, if you are looking.
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Emailed my employer, asking about updating W4s and benefits due to my marital status changing and was told that actually, no, my status didn't change, as federally, gay marriage isn't recognized, so they're just going to leave things as they are with my domestic partner.

I would be rageful but I'm feeling kind of defeated at the moment.
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There's a cabbie in Somerville, MA, running under the business name of Step By Step Cab. He's got his own cab and if you use a credit card, he'll run it through on his iPhone and ask you to sign electronically.

I got this cabbie in October. I paid by credit card, all was well.

Randomly, I got a cab charge from the same cabbie on Sunday, November 11. Which is impossible, as I left Boston on Thursday, November 8 and didn't return until Tuesday, November 13. So I called him up, asking to see my receipt. He said he'd call me back, but I was busy at work, so he left a voicemail saying he had it and I should call him. I meant to call American Express, but didn't get around to it, because work.

Today, another charge came across on my credit card. And this one I am 1000% sure could not be mine, because I have not paid for a cab by credit card since last Thursday (yeah, over a week ago). What a fucking tool, to try to charge me again when I questioned him the last time!

I called up AMEX and talked to their fraud department. They've got my recorded statement and will be tracking this guy down (they've already rescinded the charges and I'll be getting a new card delivered to my hotel on Monday).

I have had the absolute worst luck with cabbies in the Boston area. This is starting to get super fucking old.


11/30/12 01:34 am
Male/male sex should not be listed in the "warnings" category. (Especially not on a slash comm.)

I've PMed the poster to ask them to reconsider, but man. Every time this gets my blood pressure up. Every. Time.


10/25/12 08:55 am
My cab driver is completely fucking lost and also cannot work a GPS. Never had to ask for a cut to my fare because my driver was an idiot before.

ETA: still in the cab. Been in the cab for an hour now. Should have been a $12 fare, currently at $32.20.
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Sorry for the radio silence - it will likely continue a little while longer while I switch jobs and manage not one or two but three big bangs (modding x2, writing x2, and podficcing x2).

However, if you are saddened by Amendment 1 in North Carolina and the failure of the same-sex civil union bill in Colorado, then perhaps Obama stating explicitly that he is for same-sex marriage will help a little bit.

It is an uncomfortable thing to feel like crying from both grief and joy.


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